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Film and Television

Two Deaths of Henry Baker

Gun Man - Principal

Biz Productions ULC

Fear Thy Neighbor: Episode-Stand Your Ground

Bruce Blake-Actor

Bad Move 6 Productions Inc.

See No Evil: Episode-Louise Dickey


SNE 5 Productions Inc

Bizarre Murders: Episode-Gaslighter

Sheriff Arnolds - Principal

Cineflix (Bizarre) Inc.

Blood Runs Cold: Episode 3 "The Secret"

Paul Parsley - Principal

BRC Productions Inc.


Mr Middleton - Principal

The Brunch Store

Collision Course

Jay Sarno - Actor

CC2 Television Inc.

Race for the White House

David Davis - Principal

POTUS Productions

See No Evil - Episode: Meagan Holden


SNE Saloon Media

See No Evil - Episode: Lord


SNE Saloon Media

Vegas 911

Dr. Kaplin-Reoccuring


Teens 101

Police Officer

JAK Casting

The Life and Times of Edwin Boyd

Steve Suchan - Principal

Poundmaker Productions

Web of Lies

Kirk Budnick-Principal

Web Encounter 3 Productions


Toronto Hospital


Cicada Design

Legal Margeting Masters

Level 1 Male

Legal Marketing Masters


Scene Dynamics

Ron Leach Casting

48 Hour Acting Bootcamp

Brad Milne Studio

Audition Fundamentals

Jules Fitzsimmons CDC-Jules Casting

Sears and Switzer

Advancing the camera

Sears and Switzer

Focus on Film

Sears and Switzer


Audition Dynamics

Ron Leach Casting

Legacy Workshop

Leach and Levy Casting

Physical Characteristics / Measurements

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 240 lbs

Eyes: Brown

Hair Color: Salt and Pepper

Hair Length: Short


Police Officer, Valid Passport, Archery, Badminton, Baseball, Basketball, Billiards/Pool Player, Boating - engine, Bowling, Boxing, Canoeing, Cycling, Diving, Football, Frisbee, Ice Skating, Jet Skier, Jump Rope, Ping Pong, Racquetball, Roller Skating, Rollerblading, Running - General, Running - Long Distance, Running - Sprint, Scuba Diver, Scuba Diving, Shooting - Revolver/Automatic, Shooting - Rifle, Softball, Swimming - ability - general, Swimming - backstroke, Swimming - freestyle, Firearms, Licensed Driver, British - BBC English Accent, Canadian Accent, Irish Accent, Quebecois Accent, Scottish Accent