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Power Stop

Starring (Dustberg Dad)

There Be Dragons LLC


Featured (Chain crew referee)

Radar Studios


Starring (See-saw Optometrist)

Station Film, Inc.

ALAS, Inc.

Leading (Hedge Fund Attorney)

Resolution Studios

O'Charley's Restaurant & Bar

Starring (Date night dad)

MK Films

Busch Gardens

Featured (Young Dad)

Partizan Films

Rockford Health Systems

Featured (Dad with infant)

Rumor Films LLC

Sulaiman Law Group

Featured (Father)

Sun Lake Productions

Empire Carpet

Featured (Husband)

Empire Today LLC


Featured (Stockbroker)

Backyard Productions

Luna Carpet

Featured (Husband)

Comcast Spotlight

The Car Academy

Featured (Husband)

Comcast Spotlight

EPEC-EM Project

Featured (Father of drowned victim)

Northwestern Communications

United States Armed Forces

Starring (Young attorney)

Film House, Inc.

Taproot Productions

Starring (Man with bad pants)

Taproot Productions

Phillips Chevrolet

Featured (Love struck customer)

PMT Advertising

Dobbs Tires

Featured (Husband of expecting wife)

Scene Three Productions

Rogers and Hollands

Supporting (Devoted husband)

Work Works Productions

Cisco Systems

Supporting (Office worker)

Post Effects

Gibbs College

Supporting (Student)

Career Education Corporation

Personnel Devices, Inc.

Supporting (Inappropriate co-worker)

Wilson Productions


American Cancer Society

Featured (Walker)

See 3 Communications

The Legend of Sprada (Web Series)

Featured (Photographer)

Enez Productions

Ticket Reserve (www.ticketreserve.com)

Starring (Duke Fan)

Brella Productions



Starring (Richard Brooks)

Sole Productions

Fields of Valor: The Civil War

Featured Extra (Dr. Hayward)

Towers Productions

Dating Deborah

Featured (Jared)

David M. Baker Productions

Van Buren

Starring (Marty Van Buren, Rock star)

Oh By Golly! Productions

Forcing Happiness

Featured (Jared)

David M. Baker Productions

Sadistic Grin

Featured (Distraught man)

2K Productions

Check Please

Featured Extra (Clumsy Bus boy

Dualing Cat Productions

Select Stage Productions


Emperor Joseph II

Bohemian Theatre Ensemble

Dirty Blonde


Bohemian Theatre Ensemble

The Tempest


Bohemian Theatre Ensemble



Metropolis Performing Arts

A Christmas Carol

Bob Cratchit

Metropolis Performing Arts

Bleacher Bums


Metropolis Performing Arts

M. Butterfly


Bohemian Theatre Ensemble

Musical of Musicals! The Musical

Man1/Man 2 US

Noble Fool Theatricals

Leaving Iowa

Don US

Royal George Theatre

Madame X

Frederick Laroque

Alleycat Productions

The Comedy of Errors


Chicago Shakespeare Theater

The People v. Friar Lawrence

Romeo/Mercutio US

Second CityChicago Shakespear

Disgruntled Employee Handbook

Rob Glister

The Second City/Northlight

Forever Plaid


Metropolis Performing Arts

Graduate of St. Mary's University of Winona, MN; Film and Television Classes with Act One Studios, Chicago, IL; Vocal training with Doug Peck, Greg Walters, Scott Williams, Jim Collins; Improvisation classes at The Second City

Physical Characteristics / Measurements

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 195 lbs

Eyes: Hazel

Hair Color: Brown

Hair Length: Short


Cooking and grilling, Dog lover, Green Screen, Pinball, Reel avail. on request, Wine, Billiards/Pool Player, Bowling, Cycling - Mountain Biking, Tennis, Audio Prompter, Improvisation, Licensed Driver, Singer, Teleprompter, Vocal Range: Bari-Tenor, Voiceover