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Film and Television

The Breaks

Public Defender (Co-Star)

Seith Mann

The Path

Extorted Cult Member (Recurring)

Sian Heder & Michael Weaver


Factory Manager (Co-Star)

Steph Green

Measure Of A Man

Mean Sheriff (Day Player)

Jim Loach

Jessica Jones

Sleazy Boss (Co-Star)

Stephen Surjik

The Daily Show

Pharmacist (Co-Star)

Chuck O'Neil

The Knick

Fire Chief (Co-Star)

Steven Soderbergh

The Blacklist

Impound Officer (Co-Star)

Randy Zisk

Unfinished Business

Toll Booth Emp. (Day Player)

Ken Scott

Blue Bloods

Security Guard (Co-Star)

Alex Chapple

American Hustle

FBI Agent (Day Player)

David O. Russell

Law and Order: SVU

Rape Suspect (Co-Star)

Alex Chapple

Casters (webseries)

Conservative Host (Co-Star)

Erin Gould


Karaoke Guy (Co-Star)

Gloria Muzio

Debuffed (webseries)

Game Store Owner (Lead)

John Cecil

Hell's Gate

Kevin - Ex-Con (Lead)

John Cecil

One Life To Live

Reporter (U-5)


As The World Turns

Bailiff (U-5)

Proctor and Gamble


Clyde - Ladies Man (Lead)

John Cecil

All My Children

Security (Recurring U-5)



Young Wall St. Exec (Day)

Dir.: Curtis Clayton

As The World Turns

Airport Employee (U-5)

Proctor and Gamble


Stop Kiss

Detective Cole

Sanguine Theatre

Live Broadcast

Political Talk Show Host

John William Schiffbauer


Game Store Owner (Lead)

Vodka Martini Prods.

Hell's Gate

Ex-Con (Lead)

Vodka Martini Prods.

Otherwise Engaged


Gallery Players


Ladies Man (Lead)

Vodka Martini Prods.

The Lion In Winter

Richard The Lionheart

Heights Players

Six Degrees of Separation


Heights Players

Catch Me If You Can


Theatre III

A Christmas Carol

Young Scrooge

Glendale Centre Theatre


NFL Extra Points Card

Raiders Fan (Lead)

NFL Films


Dad (Lead)

Robin Cormier

Capital One

Rubber Duck Salesman (Lead)

Matt Pittroff

MetLife (Industrial)

Lead (Associate)

MetLife Creative Dept.

Deloitte & Touche (Industrial)

Lead (Consultant)

Dutch Doscher

Wellpet (Industrial)

Lead (Veteranarian)

D-Scape Prods.

Tiffany's (Industrial)

Supporting (Associate)

D-Scape Prods.

Roche (Industrial)

Supporting (Nurse)

Roche Creative Dept.

TJ Maxx (Industrial)

Lead (Associate)

Dir: Steve Glasser

Education and Training

Tom Noonan

Paradise Factory

Patrick Quagliano

Private Coaching and Adler Tech.

Paul Schnee

Film Technique

Marci Phillips

Primetime Drama & Sitcom Tech.

Bob Lambert

Soap Technique

Stephen DeAngelis

Commercial Technique

Jim Boerlin

HB Studios

Marquette University

Broadcasting and Theatre

Physical Characteristics / Measurements

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 210 lbs

Eyes: Brown

Hair Color: Brown

Hair Length: Short


Corporate Recruiter, Electronic Media, Human Resources, Lacrosse, Print Media, Working with Children, Basketball, Bowling, Football, Golf, Soccer, Softball, Swimming - ability - general, Tennis, Weight Lifting, Impressionist, Licensed Driver, Voiceover, Boston Accent, British - BBC English Accent, Irish Accent, New England Accent, New York Accent