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Film Role

Logan (Wolverine Sequel)


James Mangold

The Crossroads of Hunter Wilde

Full Supporting

Mike Norris


Southern Senator-Dayplayer

Rob Reiner


Full Supporting

Josh Ridgway

Billionaire Boys Club


James Cox

Strange Weather


Katherine Dieckmann

Hurricane Bianca

Full Supporting

Matt Kugelman

The Hollow

Full Supporting

Miles Doleac



Jay Roach

When The Bough Breaks


Jon Cassar

Shark Lake

Stunt Dayplayer

Jerry Dugan


Stunt Double \ Al Pacino

David Gordon Green

Master Mind

Lead - Andrew Carnegie

Kevin Tindell Director

The Keymaker

Lead - The Keymaker

Derek Presley Director

Love Jacked

Lead - Mad Scientist

Wakelin McNeel Director

I Won't Be Your Mirror

Lead - The Englishman

Franco Francini, Director


Lead - Pastor Anderson

Brandi Albriton Director

God Vs. Science

Lead - Professor Neal

Jabari Thomas - Director

Wretched Spectacle

Lead - Mad Doctor

Phillip Rogers, Director

Mad Loris

Lead - Small Town Sheriff

Brian McAlister - Director


Supporting - Mad Scientist

Derek Presley - Director

Mechanic of the Heart

Supporting - Pupeteer

Steven Hadjez-Director

The Home Front

Supporting - Col. Williams

Tyler Walker, Fidel Ruiz Haley

Stanley DeBrock

Supporting - Mr. Jack

Derek Wayne Johnson, Director

The Land of Fireworks

Supporting - Heidi's Dad

Joey Curry Director

Up Stream Color

Supporting - Pig Farmer

Shane Carruth Director

Blonde Ambition

Supporting - Norweigen Priest

Scott Marshall Director

Maggie's Passage

Supporting - Walden

Mike Norris Director


Supporting - Homeless Pupeteer

Derek Presley Director

Enemies Among Us

Supporting - Jarvis Patterson

Dan Garcia Director

Defending Dr. Karl

Supporting - Henry Mulligan

Derek Johnson Director

True Grit

Dayplayer - Featured

Ethan and Joel Coen Directors


Dayplayer - Homeless Man

Brnadon Dickerson Director

Changing the Game

Dayplayer - John Morris

Rel Dowdell Director


Dayplayer - Dying Refugee

Peter Engert Director

Terror Experiment

Dayplayer - Old Accountant

George Mendeluk Director

Straw Dogs

Dayplayer - Featured

Rod Lurie Director

Dead of Night

Dayplayer - Zombie Postman

Kevin Munroe, Director


NCIS New Orleans - CBS

Co-Star - Judge Miller

Geary McLeod

Preacher - AMC

Co-Star - Minister

Michael Slovis Director

Murder Among Friends - Investigation Discovery Channel.

Guest Star - Homeless Man

Omar Samad Director

Astronaut Wives Club-ABC

Co-Star - Minister

Patrick Nottis Director

Gunslingers-American Hero Channel

Guest Star - Preacher

Chris Cassel Director

Mad Men Episode 505 - AMC

Co-Star - The Publisher

John Slattery Director

Jimmy Kimmel Live 2014 - ABC

Guest Star - Monologue Skit

Jimmy Kimmel Director

Jimmy Kimmel Live 2012 - ABC

Guest Stat - Monologue Skit

Jimmy Kimmel Director

Suit Up- Direct TV

Guest Star - Recurring (4 of 8)

Christopher Leone Director

My Haunted House Bio Network

Guest Star - Priest

Rob Dorfmann Director

Match: The Society

Series Regular - Priest

Ian Spohr, Director

Deadly Wives Bio Network

Guest Star

John TIndell, Director

Mansion Hunters Reelz Channel

Guest Star

Jamie Bovshow, Producer

Tales of the Frontier (Series)i

Guest Star - Cowboy

Tino Luciano Director

Lone Star - Fox Series Ep 3

Co-Star - Cowboy

Scott Winant Director

Revelations Webseries

Guest Star - Homeless Man

Robert Ryan, Director

Stripped 2nd City Pilot

Guest - Cowboy

Cath Roscart, Director

Commercial and Hosting

Popeye's Tabasco Chicken

Tobasco Factory Tourist

Popeye's Team

Cartoon Network Promo

Cricket Guy

Bruce Hurwit, Director

PMU (French Horse racing) 10 Countries in Europe

Captain of the Titanic

Jake Szmansli, Director

Dish Network SAG National Commercial

Cowboy Number 2

Matt Dilmore Director

ESPN Network Promo SAG

Homeless Man

Aaron Stoller, Director


Andy Rooney Impersonator

Joe Pollaro, Director

Jimmy Dean Breakfast

Deli Guy


One Day Dental Implants (Atlanta)

Happy Grandpa

Bob Holbrook

Burlington Coat Factory

Vet Waiting Room Guy


Cyber link Software


Adam Cosco, Director

Oschner's Hospital New Orleans


In House Production

Central Monument

Spot series Spokesman

Bennett Rinaudo, Director

LaRue's Furniture


Patrick Dennis, Director

Dallas Can Academy


Jeff Massineli, Director

Univ of Miss. Medical Center

Heart Patient

Hospital Production Staff

Let's Explore Children's Saturday Morning Show

Recurring Host

CBS Television

March of Dimes

Detroit Spokesman

US March of Dimes

Muscular Dystrophy National Telethon

Celebrity Host

Jerry Lewis MDA

AAMCO Transmissions


TV Campaign

American Bank and Trust

La. Regional Spokesman

TV Campaign

Holiday Season Telethon

National Telethon Host

Televison New Zealand


The Shadow Box

The Interviewer

LSU Drama Dept Production

God With US


Don Moen Director

The Victor


David T. Clydesdale Director

The Highest Place


Charles Fowler

Watch The Lamb

A Diciple

Ray Boltz


NRJ European Radio Network

Builder, Trainer and Consultant

France, Germany, Sweden.

Radio 1 and Tiara Fm

Builder, Trainer and Consultant

Tahiti, French Polynesia

Radio Avon

Builder, Trainer and Consultant

Christchurch, New Zealand

Radio Windy Radio Otago

Builder, Trainer and Consultant

Wellington, New Zealand

Radio 4XO

Builder, Trainer and Consultant

Cunedin, New Zealand

Hot 98.3

Builder, Trainer and Consultant

Abuja, Nigeria

Radio RTK

Builder, Trainer and Consultant

Bunia, D R Congo

Smooth 98.1

Builder, Trainer and Consultant

Lagos, Nigeria


Inprov Training

2nd City Hollywood

Hollywood, Ca.

Master Acting 10 week Course

Bruce Newberg, CSA

Los Angeles, Ca

Alexander Technique Body and Movement

Jean-Louis Rodrigue

Los Angeles, Ca

Auditioning and On Camera

Tim Phillips Studios

Los Angeles, Ca

Margie Haber Cold Reading Seminar

Margie Haber Studios

Los Angeles, California.

Auditioning and On Camera Techinque

Jo Edna Boldin

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Body and Movement

Kristoff Konrad

Los Angeles, Ca

Meisner Method

Art and Soul Studio

Shreveport, La

Acting Technique and Scene Development

Theresa Bell Acting School

Dallas, Texas

Acting Technique and Auditioning

Barbara Brinkley

Dallas, Texas

Actor Breakthruogh Studios

GregAlan Williams


East Bank Studio

Richard Folmer

Bossier City, Louisiana

Audition Technique

Mandy Sherman

Los Angeles, Ca

Scene Development and Auditioning

Toni Cobb Brock Casting

Dallas, Texas

Improv Training

Michael Tick- Columbia University

New York, NY

On Camera Acting Technique

Cathryn Hartt Studios

Dallas, Texas

French Language and Civilization

The Sorbonne

Paris, France

Speech and Dramatic Arts

Louisiana State University

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Spanish Language


Los Angeles, California

German Language


Berlin, Germany

Dutch Language

Victoria University

Wellington, New Zealand

Acting Technique

Oakland University

Detroit, Michigan

Special Skills and Abilities

Fluent in French

Excellent Spanish

Good German

Military Weapons Training

Tae Kwon Do Karate



Running/jogging/Bike riding


Physical Characteristics / Measurements

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 155 lbs

Eyes: Brown

Hair Color: Silver

Hair Length: Short


Good German, Very Good Spanish, Aerobics, Baseball, Basketball, Body Building, Bowling, Boxing, Cycling, Diving, Fishing, Football, Golf, Kick Boxing, Martial Arts, Martial Arts - Taekwondo, Ping Pong, Running - General, Running - Long Distance, Running - Sprint, Shooting - Revolver/Automatic, Shooting - Rifle, Snorkeling, Softball, Swimming - ability - general, Swimming - backstroke, Swimming - breast stroke, Swimming - freestyle, Track & Field, Volleyball, Weight Lifting, Chef - Garde Manger, Dance Hip Hop, Dance Jazz, Dance Modern, Disc Jockey, Firearms, Host, Improvisation, Licensed Driver, Modeling, Stunts, Teleprompter, Voiceover, African Accent, British - BBC English Accent, Cajun Accent, Dutch Accent, Eastern European Accent, French Accent, German Accent, Italian Accent, New York Accent, New Zealand Accent, Norwegian Accent, Polish Accent, Quebecois Accent, Russian Accent, Scottish Accent, Slovonian Accent, Southern Accent, Spanish Accent, Swedish Accent, Fluent French