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Them, LLC / Nexusfilms

A Mother's Intuition


Pierre Productions

Why Wait

Ms. Jones

this Rock Entertainment

Temp to Fire

Ms. Ruby

Davito Family Films

Forgive and Forget


1500 Entertainment



Sorrow the Movies LLC

I Just Wanna Be

Aunti K / Principle

Tommy P Productions

Who Did I Marry

Ms. Louise / Principle

New Kingdom Media, LLC

The Waiting Room

Evelyn / Principle

Throne Productions, LLC

Precious Jewels

Sis Jones / Principle

Throne Productions, LLC

Will a Man Rob God

Momma Jean / Principle

Throne Productions, LLC

I Pledge Allegiance

Miss. Prince / Co Star

Black Genie Filmed Entertainme

Brian Courtney Wilson Music Video

Mrs. Gabriel / Principle

Blue Guerilla Media Group

Kiss the Bride

Betsy / Principle

DMG Holdings

Gang Land Love Story

Apartment Manager

Nexus Entertainment

God Send Me A Man

NanNan / Principle

Do Right Enterprises

There Is One In Every Family

Aunt Ester / Principle

MoVet' Stage Production

MiMi's Place

Ms. Ruth / Co Star

Dan Garcia Productions

Mike Jones: the American Dream

Grandma / Principle

Mike Jones American

Queen Pin

Lillian / Principle

Hawk in Flight Productions

Waters Rising

Ms. Johnson / Co Star

Picture Paradise Productions

Under Cover Christian

Sister Ponce / Principle

IR Films Production


Just Havin Church


Fresh Anointed Productions

No Soldier Left Behind

Ms. Jones

Triwen Productions

How About That


At His Feet Production

Somer's Storm


Restored Entertainment

Love and Fire

Momma Mae

Mogul Media Works

The Master's Hand

Vera Madison

CorZone Media Group

Momma Please Don't Cry

Grandma Maple

Spirit Productions

Tell It To Your Next Wife

Momma E

MLS Productions

Suspicion! Lies! & Sweet Potato Pie

Ms. Fellows

T.D. Ballar Productions

Still Not Good Enough

Arletha Perkins

WTAO Productions

Blue Front Café

Mammie Frazier

RodAdrian Productions

Only God Can Judge Me

Wilma Rosabel White

Acting Bad Productions

4 Better OR 4 Worse

Deanne/Momma D

Boling Playhouse Productions

Chronicles of 4 Fathers I & II

Deanne/Momma D

Boling Playhouse Productions

Chronicles of 4 Mothers I & II

Deanne/Momma D

Boling Playhouse Productions

Lust Is In the Air

Sister E

Boling Playhouse Productions

Confessions of a Preacher's Wife

Sister Finley

LBK Entertainment

I Cant Fight the Feeling

Addie Lee

Christian Creations

The Folder

Ms. White

Pittcat Productions

The Masquerade

Mrs. Corbin

Boling Playhouse Productions

Everybody's Woman

Ms. Margie

Working Together As One Produc

God Send Me A Man


Do Right Productions

Everybody's Man

Ms. Hill

Working Together As One Produc

When Loves Walk Away

Mrs. Sawyer

Working Together As One Produc


There Is One In Every Family


Improve Workshop

Wendy Rachel Robinson

MPAC Actors Workshop


Golden Brooks

MPAC Actors Workshop

Intensive Scene Study Workshop

Leah Daniels-Butler

LDB Casting

Ask the Masters Workshop

Eleese Lester

Lone Star Actors studio

Master Film Acting Workshop

Eleese Lester

Lone Star Actors studio

Physical Characteristics / Measurements

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 140 lbs

Eyes: Brown

Hair Color: Brown

Hair Length: Short


Choir Directress, Public Speaker, Song Writer, Story Writer, Walking, Aerobics, Bowling, Jump Rope, Roller Skating, Running - General, Volleyball, Comedian, Singer, Vocal Range: Alto, Vocal Range: Tenor, Southern Accent