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Feature Films:

8 Slices

Kevin Kirkegaard

Director: Nice Westfall


Robert Bankroft

Director: Tanya Fermin

Finding Home

Jim Hoard

Director: Nick Westfall

The Choice

Dr. Ronald Leonard

Director: Ross Katz

River Guard

TV News Anchor

Director: Jim Klock

Little Red Wagon


Director: David Anspaugh


Radio Announcer

Director: Shaun O'Rourke

The Marc Pease Experience


Director: Todd Louiso


Chicago Game Radio Announcer

Director: George Clooney

Pieces of Talent

Radio Announcer

Director: Joe Stauffer

The 5th Quarter

ACC Sports TV Sideline Reporter

Director: Rick Bieber

Deja Vu

Thomas Danes

Director: Tony Scott

Home of the Giants

Jim Brantley

Director: Rusty Gorman

Two Hours in the Dark

Los Angeles Radio Announcer

Director: Chip Hackler

El Camino

Loney Diner

Director: Erik S. Weigel

The 27 Club

LA Police Capt. Johnson

Director: Erica Dunton


Will Rowan

Director: Paul Fitzgerald

Domestic Disturbance

News-18 Live Reporter

Director: Harold Becker


Kirk Goodson-NBC TV

Director: Steve Rash

Radioland Murders

Sherwood Smith

Director: Mel Smith

Empire Records

Brent Patrick, TV Reporter

Director: Alan Moyle

Weekend at Bernie's

Rowdy Party Guest

Director: Ted Kotcheff

Super Mario Bros.

Live TV News Reporter

Director: Rocky Morton Jankel

Television Movies:

The Dress Code

Reporter for HARD COPY

Director: Shirley MacLaine

Cherry Falls

Stan Michaels

Director: Geoffrey Wright

What the Deaf Man Heard

TV News Reporter

Director: John Kent Harrison

The Twilight Man

Deputy DA, Richard Barnes

Director: Craig Baxley

Never Give Up: The Jim Valvano Story

ABC Network Sports Anchor

Director: Marcus Cole


NNC Entertainment Reporter

Director: John Ward

The Last Maffia Marriage

Steven Nell

Director: John Patterson

A Different Kind of Christmas

LIVE TV Reporter

Director: Tom McLoughlin

Justice in a Small Town

Eyewitness News Anchor

Director: Jan Egleson

Any Place But Home

On-The-Scene TV News Reporter

Director: Rob Hedden

Bandit: Beauty and the Bandit

Live TV Reporter

Director: Hal Needham

TV Series / Music Videos:

Good Behavior (TNT)

Stanley Garber

Director: Magnus Martens

Sleepy Hollow (FOX)

Cornelius Wilkes

Director:Paul A. Edwards

Secrets and Lies (ABC)

Detective Decker

Director:Timothy Busfield

Surface (NBC)

Dr. Wilhelm Hammacker

Director: Michael Robison

One Tree Hill (CW)

State Competition Emcee

Director: Duane Clark

Dawson's Creek: The Scare

Hal Patrick WKWB News

Director: Rodman Flender

Matlock: The Tabloid

James Dorman

Director: Chris Hibler

Dawson's Creek: Blown Away

Hal Patrick WKWB News

Director: Lou Antonio

Matlock: The Temptation

Grant Thomas

Director: Harvey Laidman

American Gothic: The Plague Sower

Reporter, Bart Willis

Director: Shawn Cassidy

Gin Blossons: Til I Hear it From You

TV Reporter

Music Video/A&M-Warner Bros.

Matlock: The Defendant

Jeff Wavery

Director: Leo Penn

Commercials / Industrials / Catalog Model

KIA Country of Charleston

On-Site Spokesperson

Director: Steve Applebaum

Australian Blue Lizard Sunscreen

Industrial Narrator

Director:Joe Stauffer

Lee Hyundai

On-Site Spokesperson

Director: Mike Hammer

Stevenson Hyundai-Mazda-KIA

On-Site Spokesperson

Director: Scott Schubel

ESPN: "Be a Fan" campaign

DUKE Basketball Asst. Coach

Director: Jonathan David

Fresenius Medical Care

Dr. Howard Walters

Director: Stan Brownberry

Don't Lose Your Joy

Voiceover Announcer

Director: Alex Chatfield

Gulf Power Company

TV Weatherman

Director: Ray Dillman

TOTT's Champagne


Director: Chris Columbus

Haggar Clothing (print & store displays)

Catalog Model

Director: Jim Erikson


On-Camera Spokesperson

Director: Tony Creech

DUPONT: A Good Neighbor

Corporate Spokesperson

Director: Dick Herth

Century-21: Dual Agency

On-Camera Narrator

Director: Alan Efting

Land's End Clothing (print & in-store displays)

Catalog Model

Director: Jan Barrington

Cartoon Voice-Overs / TV News / Radio Announcer

The Learning Network

Network Station Announcer

Director: Aaron Oliver

Bubblegum Crisis I: Mega Tokyo

Battle Royal High School

AD Police: The Man Who Bites

Bubblegum Crash II: Geo Climbers

Uresel Yatsura: Mrs. Swallow & Penguin

UY: I'm Lum, The Notorious

DJ / Radio Personality '82-'89

TV Newscaster / Weatherman '89-'98

TV Imaging Announcer '89-Now

STW Talent Agency of Wilmington, NC and Atlanta, GA Agent: Susan Tolar Walters, 910.616.1708 - Office/Cell 910.769.2790 - Fax Line only

Physical Characteristics / Measurements

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 224 lbs

Eyes: Blue

Hair Color: Brown

Hair Length: Short


Excellent Event EMCEE, Deep Announcer Voice, Voice-over Artist, Equestrian - General, Jet Skier, Sailing, Shooting - Rifle, Shooting - Skeet/Trap, Snow Skiing - General, Water Skiing, Bongos, Disc Jockey, Drums, Firearms, Host, Improvisation, Mime, Percussion, Singer, Teleprompter, Vocal Range: Bass, Voiceover, British - BBC English Accent, Irish Accent, Southern Accent