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Life Just Is (Indie Feature)

Lead (Rachel)

Dir: Dave Gramling

Phornix (Indie Feature)

Lead (Blair)

Dir: John Carr

Turn The Tables (Indie Feature)

Lead (Kate)

Dir: Tolga Kates

My Boyfriend, Kyle (Indie Feature)

Supporting (Kris)

Dir: Marian Valentino

Happy Hours (Indie Feature)

Supporting (Kayla)

Dir: Ashmiru Sallu-Sam

Evil Good (Documentary)

Supporting (Sally)

Dir: Paul Nevison

Purgatory (Short)

Lead (Katie)

Dir: Josh Berghoff

Find Me (Short)

Lead (Maria)

Dir: Kendall Drinkwater

To Run Today (Short)

Lead (Kayla)

Dir: Maria Russell

Amy and Destiny (Short)

Lead (Destiny)

Dir: Tage Helmstadter

Gettaway (Short)

Lead (Stephanie)

Dir: Genevieve Quenon

Hide n Seek (Short)

Lead (Shay)

Dir: Helena Carey

Dreaming of You (Short)

Lead (Drew)

Dir: Taylor Martos

Trauma (Short)

Lead (Ridley)

Dir: Brendan Weinerth

1992 (Short)

Lead (Katrina)

Dir: Aron McBay

One Night (Short)

Lead (Girl in Red Dress)

Dir: Jay Harris

Happy Birthday (Short)

Lead (Rachel)

Dir: John Luke Grubb

The Dance (Short)

Lead (Naomi)

Dir: Ashley Faulkner

Altar Valley (Short)

Lead (Esperanza)

Dir: Talha Hussaini

Reality (Short)

Lead (Monika)

Dir: Isaiah Lassiter

Time Bomb (Short)

Lead (Sara)

Dir: Ezequiel Najera

Tail Lights (Short)

Lead (Jordan)

Dir: Alex Young

The Fool on the Hill (Short)

Supporting (Sarah)

Dir: Heather Smothers


The Circles Under Our Eyes

Series Regular (Henrietta)

Dir: Cornelius White / PITCH


Recurring (Trinity)

Dir: David Gunn / Webseries

The Fiasco

Recurring (Jellyfish)

Dir: Aron McBay / Webseries

Industrials/Commercials -> List available upon request


The Heroes of Olim

Queen Elinor

Karen Rolston

Education and Training

Scene Study

Michelle Tomlinson

George Russo

Basil Hoffman

Dustin James Leighton

Susan Brigham

Matthew Dearing

Rania Zeineddine

Audition Technique

Kathryn Brinks

Angelique Midthunder

Michael Bershad

Michelle Tomlinson

Will Hightower

Faith Hibbs Clark


Suzanne Kent

John Luke Grubb

Susan Brigham

Acting for Film

Martin Thompson

John Luke Grubb


Susan Brigham

Karen Maseng


Susan Brigham

Voice Over

Will Hightower

First generation born Bulgarian actress Marian Valentino has taken the Arizona film scene by storm. A pilates fanatic and an animal lover, Marian also loves hiking in her free time. Fearless in her pursuit of Acting, Marian takes classes as frequently as possible and therefore has a high booking rate.

Physical Characteristics / Measurements

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 123 lbs

Eyes: Brown

Hair Color: Brown

Hair Length: Long


BULGARIAN FLUENT, BURP ON COMMAND, CAN PLAY: Latina, European, Middle Eastern., Music Producer, Jet Skier, Kickboxing, Running - General, Swimming - ability - general, Tennis, Improvisation, Licensed Driver, Modeling, Singer, Vocal Range: Alto, Russian Accent, Slavic - South Eastern Bloc Accent