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Asian American Austin


talk show

Austin Murder Mystery Players


improv theatre

Sea Stories with Mr. Durite


talk show


National Public Radio


talk show

The Vault

Subject Matter Expert

technology training series

Texas Education Agency ESC

Sherri Nance (facilitator)

training series

Texas Department of State Health Services


training video

Texas Department of Public Safety

Restaurant Patron

training series

People Mosaic Project



Film - Television - Internet

*2013 SxSW Audience Award* Zero Charisma

Mrs. Yi (Chinese accent)

supporting (comedy)

*festival selection* Sunny Square

Isabel (sex worker, Vietnamese accent)

supporting (drama)

*festival selection* The Littlest Cthulhuist

Kim Nguyen (documentary filmmaker)

supporting (sci-fi)

*48Hr 2013 Best Cinematography Costumes* Rebirth

Nomad #6

extra (sci-fi)

Taken Care

Sick Woman (invalid)

lead (drama)

First Day of School


lead (comedy)

*bilingual* Marcada Para Morir

Su Yin (scientist)

lead (action)

Squatty Potty

Daniel's wife (lead's wife)

lead female (comedy)

Paranoid Polaroid

Danielle Hannah (secretary/murder victim

lead female (horror)

I'm From Florida

Jenny (witness protection girl)

lead female (drama)

Garden of Edens

Eden (murder victim)

lead female (thriller)

Worst First Day

Savannah (classmate)

lead female (sci-fi)

The Ring Don't Mean a Thing

Sheri (mistress)

lead female (dramatic video)

Monster Date

Ella Winters (werewolf)

lead female (comedy)

The Plumber

The Woman (housewife)

lead female (comedy)

Birthday Party

Becky (lead's aunt)

lead female (drama)

Ninja Next Door

Female Ninja

lead female (martial arts)

Obey the Sword


supporting (martial arts)

She's Operable

Dr. Carson (surgeon)

supporting (thriller)

Sleepless Cities

Imogen's mother (widow)

supporting (action)

Closer to Bottom

Laura Cho (ex-wife)

supporting (drama)

Chinaman Wu-Ping: Stranger Out of Canton

The Madame (gang boss)

supporting (martial arts)

Turtles and Pigeons

Estella Lerner (art gallery owner)

supporting (comedy)


Detective Perkins

supporting (action)

Necrosis Colony

Edge (space marine)

supporting (sci-fi)


Kara (lead's best friend)

supporting (drama)

Shadow of Demise

Unholy Sprite

supporting (horror)


Marion (ED nurse)

supporting (thriller)


Occhio Appello magazine

Ballet Austin Guild

National Forum for Black Public Administrators

Stiletto Stampede Fashionably Pink




Austin Intercultural Network (AIN)

Convergence XIX

The University of Texas at Austin - VSA

Austin Community College

Improv - Theatre

The Tempest

Prospero (nobleman)

lead (Shakespeare)

Freedom Fighter

Irina Guerrero (guerilla fighter)

lead female (historical)

Taming of the Shrew

Kate (noblewoman)

lead female (Shakespeare)

Murder Fugetta Bout It

Lola Lasagna (mobster's wife)

co-lead female (improv)

Murder on the Happy Trail

Anjelica Lott (detective)

co-lead female (improv)

A Crude Way to Die

Princess Heather Littlefeather

co-lead female (improv)

Wild Dust

Sally (saloon girl)

major supporting (comedy)

The Children's Hour

Agatha (housekeeper)

supporting (drama)

Alice in Wonderland

Cook, Pigeon

supporting (musical)


Merpati (Indonesian accent)

supporting (drama)

The Tender Trap

Poppy Matson (lead's love interest)

supporting (drama)

Meanwhile, Back on the Couch

Parker Donnelly (publisher)

supporting (comedy)

Kitchen Witches

Bonnie Chung (news anchor)

supporting (comedy)

Medieval Macabre I

Witch, Demetrius, Demon, Sea Hag

supporting (Shakespeare)

Medieval Macabre II

Wife, Werewolf, Sea Hag, Demon

supporting (Shakespeare)

Twelfth Night

Valentina (Servant)

supporting (Shakespeare)

She Stoops to Conquer

Bar Maid, Servant (British accents)

ensemble (comedy)

Physical Characteristics / Measurements

Height: 5'5"

Weight: 150 lbs

Eyes: Brown

Hair Color: Black

Hair Length: Long


Improv, Lip Sync, Southern (USA) accent, Teleprompter, Vietnamese accent, Roller Skating, Swimming - freestyle, Volleyball, Dance Hip Hop, Host, Modeling, American - Texan Accent, Asian Accent, Asian - Chinese Accent, Fluent Vietnamese