Age: 17

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Hard Candy

Lead (Randy)

Director David Over

SuperHero Kids Epic Battle

The Flash

Director Zane Nixon

Cheap Tattoos

Lead (George)

Director James Froeschle

Dream Catchers

Supporting (Teen Boy)

Director Michelle Mower

The Importance of Sex Education

Supporting(Middle School Boy)

Director Elizabeth Powers

Hellven Priest

Lead (Altar Boy)

Director Acie High

UR IN Analysis feature film

Lead (Steve Jr.)

Director Bernie Gewissler

Urban Shakedown feature film


Director Travis Ammons

Booger Red feature film

Lead (Ricky)

Director Berndt Mader

America Now episode


Producer Vicky Landin

Health Check "Allergies"

Lead (patient)

Channel 11 News

Drisden's Run comedy series

Lead (Gilbert)

Director Mike Ford

Avery Park Sci-Fi feature movie

Lead (Henry Parker)

Director Mike Manero-Ford

Dolphin Daily News Broadcasting


Producer Kelley Elliott


Boston's Pizza

Teen Son

Top Pup Media & Serendipitous

Neighbors Emergency Center

Soccer Player

Spry Creative Group


Featured Party Guest

Bourke Productions


"It's Saturday"

Dancing & Singing child

AOS Auditorium


Mariachi dancer

AOS Auditorium

"Go Texan"

Dancing & Singing Cowboy

AOS Auditorium

"Welcome to the Circus"

Weight Lifter & Baby Bear

AOS Auditorium

"911 Tribute to NYC Firefighters

New York Firefighter

AOS Auditorium


Snorkeler Destination modeling

Island of the Bahamas

Richard H. Stuart Ocean Realm

Chapel Buddy article

Houston, Texas

West University Examiner

Delphian publication

Houston, Texas

AOS Delphian


John Lansch

On-going private acting lessons

Studio for Actors Los Angeles

Lisa Picotte

Private acting lessons

Young Actors Studio Los Angele

Toni Brock and Sallie Allen Workshop


Houston, TX

Trampas Thompson


Houston, TX

Brad and Kim Burton

Commercial work

Houston, TX

Beth Sepko

On Camera Acting

Houston, TX

Michelle DeLong

Audition Preparation- Space and Focus

Houston, TX

Cathryn Sullivan

Acting For Film


Mari Ferguson

On-going weekly private lessons

Studios on 3 Houston, TX

Mari Ferguson

Intense Young Performer's Workshop

Studios on 3 Houston, TX

David Hickox

Improvisation Workshop

Houston, TX

Mari Ferguson

On-Camera Scene Study Workshop

Studios on 3 Houston, TX

Elaine DeAlmeida-Director of Music

Vocal lessons & choir coaching

Houston, TX

Marti Carr/Andreas Tollas-Director of Dance

Dance, coaching, choreography

Houston, TX

Jim Phillips

Performing Arts

Houston, TX

Jim Johnson

Voice and Dialect private lessons

University of Houston

-Special Skills: Freestyle Dancing, Singing, Improvisation, Photography, Film Making, Drawing, Swimming (with sharks, manatees, dolphins, stingrays, and pigs), Fishing, Kayaking, Surfing, Snorkeling, Biking ------------------------------------------------ Workshops: Audition skills & techniques, cold readings, breakdown scripts, dialogue, commercial copy, prop training, monologues, improvisation, television & film scripts, building characters through television & film scripts

Physical Characteristics / Measurements

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 175 lbs

Eyes: Blue

Hair Color: Brown

Hair Length: Short


Archery, Badminton, Baseball, Basketball, Billiards/Pool Player, Boating - engine, Boating - Sail, Body Surfing, Bowling, Canoeing, Cycling, Diving, Fishing, Football, Frisbee, Golf, Gymnastics, Hackey Sack, Hula Hoop, Ice Skating, Jump Rope, Kayaker, Ping Pong, Pogo Stick, Roller Skating, Running - General, Sailing, Sailor, Scuba Diver, Scuba Diving, Segway, Skateboard - street, Skateboarding, Snorkeling, Soccer, Softball, Surfing, Swimming - ability - general, Swimming - backstroke, Swimming - breast stroke, Swimming - butterfly, Swimming - diving, Swimming - freestyle, Tennis, Trampoline, Volleyball, Weight Lifting, Clowning, Dance Hip Hop, Dance Line/Country, Dance Modern, Dancer, Improvisation, Modeling, Singer, Whistler, Australian Accent, British - Cockney Accent, Italian Accent, Jamaican Accent, New York Accent, Southern Accent, Texan Accent