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"The Substitute Spy"

Feature Film

2-G Multi-Media

"April 27th"

Feature Film (In Production)

Redwood Pictures

"The Challenge"

Short Film (In Production)

One Crazy Productions


Short SciFi

LACHSA, Dusan Brown

"Brotherhood (2018)"

Short Drama

Proving Ground Entertainment


Short Film

Shooter Productions


Short Film

Anthony Occasio

Hector’s Hell House

Short Film

Adam Kreuger

Time Jumpers

Feature Anthology

Svend Ploug Johansen

The Dope Years

Short Film

Allison A. Waite

Shoot First

Short Film

Kevin Rosen-Quan


Still The King

S1E4, Puddin' Hood


Fatal Attraction

Episode 4.11, Latasha Norman

Jupiter Entertainment

Music & Murder

Episode 3

Amazon Video

Fatal Attraction

Episode 6.15

Jupiter Entertainment

Music Video

Summer Moon


Trever Jackson



Webster's Karate: Jamie Webster

Blackbelt, Fight Scenes, stunts

XMA HQ, MikebChat

XMA Action Stunts

Act-Tactical: Matt Clanton

Tactical Weapons Training and Safety

Elite Martial Arts: Kalman Csoka

Extreme Sword

Hyper Martial Arts

Extreme Weapons/Tricking

Faith Racers: Andre Penne

Dirtbike MX Racing

River City Dance

Hip Hop Dance

Bill Billions Studio: Bill Billions

Foundations 1&2, Technique, On Camera

Tripledare Stunts

Action Workshop, Mark DeAlessandro

Bill Billions Studio: Eugene Banks


Rhavynn Drummer

Technique Workshop

Gray Studios, Los Angeles CA

Technique, Improv, Scene Study

Harriet Greenspan

Audition Technique

Wendy Faraone

On Camera Technique

Aquila Morong Studios

Teen Acting

Walter Pridgen

Cold Read, scene study, improv

Dustin Felder Studios

Scene Study, Commercial Class


Improv A

Howard Fine Studio

Auditition with Marilyn McIntyre

The Second City

On Camera Audition Technique

Killian's Workshop

Commercial Workshop

Special Skills, Martial Arts, Japanese Sword, Dirtbike Racing, Tricking/Free Running, 2013 North American Sport Karate Association National Champion, Cross Country Running,Cheer, can drive a stick shift and a tractor. Sea Scouts.

Physical Characteristics / Measurements

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 180 lbs

Eyes: Brown

Hair Color: Black

Hair Length: Afro


Blackbelt Tang Soo Do, Dirtbike Racing MotoX, drive ATV, drive stick shift, drive tractor, Tactical Weapons, tricking, Boating - engine, Cheerleading, Gymnastics, Ice Skating, Martial Arts, Martial Arts - Katana, Motorcycle Riding - General, Parkour, Rappelling, Shooting - Rifle, Skateboard - street, Snow Skiing - General, Snowboarding, Swimming - ability - general, Trampoline, Motorcyclist, Teleprompter