Age: 8

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A Better State of Care - Winter 2024

Principal - Daughter

Univ. of Maryland Medical Sys.

Trivium Interactive/Byrnes Health Ed. 2023

Principal - Interactives Participant

ShadBoost/Dir. Shad Eash

International Spy Museum 2023

Museum Visitor

Janurary Third/Nathan Colby

Music and Arts 2022 Campaign

Principal - Piano Student

Ian Pullens, Producer

Cone Health "Wellness Family"

Principal - Daughter

Louis Sutherland/Chirp/Mythic

AAA Carolinas 2020 Membership Campaign

Principal - Daughter

Mad Toy Box/Chris Stevens

Sheetz "Ultimate Sidekick"

Principal - Daughter

Tattoo Advertising

Rutherford County Tourism 2019

Principal - Daughter

Applebox Cinema/Rebecca Cook

XFinity "Chronicle"

Back-up Baby

CMS Prod./Ogilvy

Food Lion "Grow Em"

Back-up Baby

Community Films/Doner Parnters

Duke Energy "Changing Times"

Back-up Baby

Humble/Sanity Prod.


The Cannon Documentary - Southern Textiles

Toddler (re-enactment scene)

GreyHawk Films/Joanne Hock


The Choice

Newborn (Child of Maggie Grace)

Nicholas Sparks/Ross Katz Dir.

Adele's first performance in a film was at 3 months old! She played the infant daughter of Maggie Grace in "The Choice."

Physical Characteristics / Measurements

Height: 3'11"

Weight: 58 lbs

Eyes: Brown

Hair Color: Brown

Hair Length: Long