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Emma Fielding Mystery:Sight Unseen

Extra - Passersby

Front Street Productions

Walking the Dog

Extra - Court Recorder

Dog Road Productions Ltd

The Convenient Groom

Extra - Party Guest

Hallmark Film

The Bridge (Part 2)

Extra - Hospital Patient

Hallmark Film

The Bridge (Part 1)

Extra - Bookstore Patron

Hallmark Film

Just in Time for Christmas

Extra - Passersby

Hallmark Film Productions

Kid Cannabis

Extra - Police Detective

Wingman Productions

Magic Beyond Words

Extra - Passersby, Shopper, Café Patron

Lifetime Productions

Short Film

Lesson in Christmas

Extra - Local Christmas Shopper

Gemini Productions

BBNO$ - Pay Your Bills

Extra -Dancing Business Woman

Music Video

The Monkey's Story

Extra - Restaurant Patron

Pixelhouse Production

In the End

Extra - Funeral Mourner

29 Takes Productions

Writer's Club

Actor - Scared Writer

VI Film and Entertainment Coop

So, It Goes Like This

Voice Over - French Mother

VIFEC Productions

The Secret Ingredient

Actor - Mother

GIFTS Productions

The Red Umbrella

Extra - Restaurant Patron

Deer Baby Entertainment, Inc.


Frey's Anguish

Extra - Plains Clothes Police

Impressario Theatre

Friendly, curious and always finding ways to do something new, Sarah Nicole Faucher is a screenwriter, poet, short story writer, emerging short film director, artist, gardener, amateur photographer, BG actor, Cold Read hostess, and more. To be continued....

Physical Characteristics / Measurements

Height: 5'4"

Weight: 170 lbs

Eyes: Blue

Hair Color: Brown

Hair Length: Long


Embroidery (Hand), Photographer, Professional Artist, Published Poet, Slab Pottery, Ping Pong, Swimming - ability - general, Tennis, Canadian Accent