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Work Experience

Shopping for Luv 10Jul19

Shopping for Luv 9Jul19

Shopping for Luv 4Jul19

Sunshine 28May19

Chesapeake Shores 24May19

Chinese TV series 13May19

Chesapeake Shores 10May19

Chesapeake Shores 10Apr19

Message in a Bottle 07Mar19

Yah Wave 25Nov18

Director|: Emma Power

Christmas Bells are Ringing 21Oct18

Christmas Bells are Ringing 20Oct18

Christmas Bells are Ringing 15Oct18

Christmas Bells are Ringing 14Oct18

Emma Fielding Mystery 23Aug18

Emma Fielding Mystery 22Aug18

New Year's Kiss 23Jul18

Director: Dave De Coteau

New Year's Kiss 19Jul18

Director: Dave De Coteau

Chesapeake Shores 06Jul18

Chesapeake Shores 30May18

Chesapeake Shores 10May18

Wedding Dress 03May18

Music video 19Jan18

Director: William Wilkinson

Super Bingo 25Oct17

Director: Matthew Blecha

Volunteer background

Super Bingo 24Oct17

Director: Matthew Blecha

Volunteer background

Emma Fielding Mystery II 20Oct17

Director: Kevin Fair

Fixer Upper III 25Sep17

Fixer Upper III 22Sep17

Fixer Upper III 20Sep17

Fixer Upper III 19Sep17

Elsewhere 15Sep17

Fixer Upper III 14Sep17

Pupstar II 5Sep17

Pupstar II 28Aug17

Gourmet Detective Mystery 20Jul17

Chesapeake Shores 19Jul17

Chesapeake Shores 17Jul17

Chesapeake Shores 7Jun17

Runaway Christmas Bride 18May17

Chesapeake Shores II 15May17

Emma Fielding Mystery 6Apr17

Emma Fielding Mystery 2Apr17

Christmas Calendar 30 Jan17

Christmas Film

Christmas Calendar 26Jan17

Christmas Film

BC Website photo shoot 13Jan17

BC Elections

Police Mom 6Jan17

Police Productions

Protection Witness 17Dec16

Protection Productions

Military Commercial 14Dec16

Media One PSA

Pupstar II 29Nov16

Pupstar II 28Nov16

Pupstar II 15Nov16

Walking the Dog 14Nov16

Dog Road Productions

This Old Homicide: A Fixer Upper Mystery 19Oct16

Fix Up Production Inc.

Rose Parade 20Sept16

Rose Parade New Year's aka Rose Bowl 14Sep16

World's End 29Aug - 2Sept15


Pupstar Background 19Oct15

Pupstar BG 06Oct15

The Bridge II BG 05Oct15

Building Bridges Production

Director: Miachel Rohl

The Bridge BG 15Sep16

Building Bridges Production

Director: Michael Rohl

The Bridge BG 11Sep16

The Bridge BG 01Sep16

Just In Time for Christmas BG 27Jul16

GRP-Inspired Productions Inc.

Director: Sean McNamara

Signed, Sealed, Delivered BG 16Jul16

For Wheelz BG 15Jul16

Dude Where's My Movie Service

Director: Jonathan A. Rosenba

Playdate BG 30Mar16

World's End BG 29Aug to 2Sep16


Rose Parade BG 20Sep16

For Wheelz BG 9Jul15

Dude Where's My Movie Service

Director: Jonathan A. Rosenba

Rose Parade BG 14Sep16

Parade Productions BC Inc

This Old Homicide BG 19Oct16

Fix Up Productions BC Inc.

Walkiing th Dog BG 14Nov16

Dog Road Productions Ltd.

Pupstar II BG 15Nov16

Pupstar II BG 28Nov16

Pupstar II BG 29Nov16

Protection Witness BG 17Dec16

Protection Productions Inc.

Commercial 2016


Police Mom BG 06Jan17

Police Productions Inc.

Photoshoot Talent 13Jan17

Christmas Calendar BG 26Jan17

Christmas Film RR Inc.

Christmas Calendar BG 30Jan17

Christmas Film RR Inc.

Education - Basic Outdoor Survival Skills for Women 8Apr18 Traffic Control Person 21 & 22Oct17 Introduction to Acting for Film & TV 18Sep17 to 06Nov17 Motion Picture Safety Awareness 26Sep16 Actsafe

Physical Characteristics / Measurements

Height: 5'3"

Weight: 165 lbs

Eyes: Brown

Hair Color: Brown

Hair Length: Shoulder Length


Aerobics, Badminton, Ping Pong, Swimming - ability - general, Swimming - backstroke, Swimming - breast stroke, Swimming - butterfly, Vocal Range: Alto, Vocal Range: Soprano, Canadian Accent