Age: 15

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Bud and Spud

Child Actor

High Af: Matt Rossman

Hag Productions

Child Actor

Cailleach Products,LLC

I am Having an Affair with my Wife


Romantic Comedy Movie

Channel 3 News

Weather Girl

NBS Channel

Ramona's Kids

Buddy Bench

CBS Channel

Professional Experence

Miami Fashion Week

Fashion Show

December 2017

Dixie Magazine,Miami New York

Featured Article

December 2017

St Patrick's Day Runway Show

Runway Model

March 2018

Alfa Productions Kids Fashion Show Atlanta ,GA

Runway Model

July 2018

L.A Fashion Week

Runway Model

November 11,2018

Milwaukee Fashion Show

Runway Model

November 17,2018

AKFW Kids Fashion Show

Runway Model

July 27,2019

Barbizon(Passport to discovery)

Runway, tv beauty , Commercial

July 2021

Beauty Shoot

Jewelry Model

September 2021

Education & Training

Houde School of Acting /Modeling

Acting and modeling

August 2017-Present

Amy Bong Project Runway Next in fashion

Runway Model

January 2020

Josh Lebinar

Acting Workshop/ Improv/Monologues

March 2020

Barbizon Modeling

Cold Reads / Monologues

July 2019

Houde School of Acting /Modeling

Summer Camp

July 2018

Kids Acting Workshop

Cold Reads /T.V Commercial/Improv/Scenes

March 2018

L.A Reel Camp ( Los Angeles,CA

Cold Reads/ Monologue

August 2017

Advanced Acting Techniques

Terry Cranendonk,M.A.


Acting for Camera

Audrey Caldwell ,M.F.A

Akron ,OH

Cold Reading

James Maido

Akron , OH

T.V Commercial

Maryann Nagel,B.A.

Akron , OH


Leilani Cranendonk,M.A.

Akron , OH


Terry Cranendonk,M.A.

Akron , OH

Script Breakdown

Audrey Caldwell,M.F.A.


Josh Lebar

Cincinnati , OH

June 2020

Amy Bond(Fashion, Runway )

Cincinnati , OH

January 2021

Josh Lebar (Acting film Television )

Cincinnati, OH

March 2021

Amy Bond (Fashion,Runway

Cincinnati , OH

May 2021

Eddie Hodges

Los Angeles, CA

July 2021

Suzzane ( Voice over)

Los Angles ,CA

July 2021

Micheal Dunnan ( Acting Studio)

Santa Monica ,Ca

August 2021

Josh Lee (Katalyst)


Gymnastics (Tumbling), Dance(Ballet Hip Hop Jazz), Cheerleading ,Running (Track, 50m ,100m,400m, Hurdle, Sprints),piano, singing ,swimming ,biking, roller skating ,ice skating , hula hooping, sledding ,rocks climbing ,bungee, accent (British),character voices(Teen, Baby)

Physical Characteristics / Measurements

Height: 4'11"

Weight: 90 lbs

Eyes: Brown

Hair Color: Black

Hair Length: Shoulder Length


Aerobics, Bowling, Cheerleading, Diving, Frisbee, Gymnastics, Hula Hoop, Ice Skating, Jump Rope, Rock Climber, Roller Skating, Running - Long Distance, Running - Sprint, Skateboard - street, Skateboarding, Swimming - ability - general, Swimming - backstroke, Swimming - breast stroke, Swimming - diving, Swimming - freestyle, Track & Field, Trampoline, Singer, Violin, Vocal Range: Baritone, American - Creole Accent, British - BBC English Accent