Age: 12

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Kids On Stage

Melissa Bevly

Yorktown Christian Academy

Theater Summer Camp

Harbor Playhouse

Kids Acting For the Camera

Lydia Blanco

The Blanco Agency

Pilot Season Prep Class

Lydia Blanco

The Blanco Agency

Improv Class

Lydia Blanco

The Blanco Agency

I am a very outgoing person, I like to sing, act, bike ride, play volleyball, hula hoop, go fishing, do archery and roller skate. I enjoy swimming and going to the beach. I write my thoughts in a journal and enjoy writing stories. I like to watch DIY videos and try new experiments. I get along with everyone I meet.

Physical Characteristics / Measurements

Height: 4'8"

Weight: 90 lbs

Eyes: Brown

Hair Color: Brown

Hair Length: Long


Burp the ABC's, Archery, Fishing, Hula Hoop, Jump Rope, Roller Skating, Swimming - ability - general, Volleyball, Improvisation, Vocal Range: Alto, Spanish Accent, Texan Accent