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Bad B*tch


Dir: Trenton Judson


Greg Sims

PATH Acting

Killian Acting Workshop

Killian commercial workshop

Margie Haber

Live The Life Seminar

Lesly Khan & Co

Introductory work session

Upright Citizens Brigade

Improv 101

Upright Citizens Brigade

Improv 201

Scott Wissner

Core Commercial Workshop

Ted Zurkowski

Method Acting 101

M.J. Karmin

Method Acting101.1

David Lee Strasberg

Method Acting 101.2

Killian Acting Workshop

Actors Gym

Julie Welch

Groundlings:Stage Improv

Kevin Bernston

Groundlings: multi cam co-star

Daid Misch

Groundlings: How comedy works

Corey Odes

Groundlings: Standup Power of going solo

Edgar Arrola

EArtistic studio: Audition tec

Michael Brennan

Audition via Michael Shurtleff

Eduardo Cardoso is similar in type to the renowned actor Pedro Pascual; Eduardo can play the most in-depth characters with sublime range, unique profoundness; he is a rare mix of vulnerability, charisma, deep honesty, humor, and just a jump-off-the-screen and grab ya by-the-throat grounded radiance. Some of Eduardo's notable films, Tv, and commercial appearances are Bad B*tch, directed by Trenton Judson, Haunted House Park, written & directed by Joshua Knight, Meta, Ford, Coca-Cola, Tecate, & more.

Physical Characteristics / Measurements

Height: 5'8"


Eyes: Brown

Hair Color: Brown

Hair Length: Short


Driving fast (mustang), Body Building, Boxing, Cheerleading, Jump Rope, Kick Boxing, Martial Arts - Jiu-Jitsu, Martial Arts - Jujutsu, Martial Arts - Mixed, Military Serv Exp (Marines), Rock Climber, Running - General, Running - Long Distance, Running - Sprint, Shooting - Rifle, Skateboard - street, Weight Lifting, Wrestling, Yoga, American - Standard/General Accent, American - Texan Accent, Spanish Accent, Fluent English as a second language, Fluent Spanish