Age: 14

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Theatre & Live Performance

Band Ensemble


Madison Country Day School

Anansi the Spider


Azuri African Dance Theatre Co

Sketch Comedy Showcase

Kids Improvisation Camp

Second City Chicago

Talent Showcase

Comedy Improv Sketches

Madison Country Day School

Performance Arts Showcase

Theater & Dance

Columbia College Summer Camp

Solo Rap Performance

Talent Showcase

Westside Elementary School

Live International Choir


Young Voices Global Choir

Musical Theatre Showcase


Tada! Children's Theatre

Film & Video

Music Video


Kids4 Television & Media

Video Broadcasting

Actor/ Content Creator

Kids4 Television & Media

Short Filmmaking

Actor/ Content Creator

Kids4 Television & Media

Short Stop Motion Animation

Animator/ Voice-Over Actor

Geek Forest Productions

YouTube Channel

Creator/ Host

Aston has been building his craft in the performing arts field for the past 7 years, beginning his artistic endeavors at the age of five. He is multifaceted as a pianist, percussionist, hip-hop dancer, martial artist, singer, actor, athlete, studio artist and animator, engineer, and print model. He writes his own skits and comedy sketches, his own music, and has made several short stop-animation video projects. He is currently a participant in the Science Olympiad Team and is enthusiastic about his career.

Physical Characteristics / Measurements

Height: 5'5"

Weight: 98 lbs

Eyes: Brown

Hair Color: Brown

Hair Length: Dreadlocks


Building, Coding, Drawing, Engineering, Gaming, Hosting - YouTube, Pogo Stick, Basketball, Body Surfing, Bowling, Canoeing, Cycling - Mountain Biking, Ice Skating, Kayaker, Martial Arts, Martial Arts - Mixed, Rock Climber, Roller Skating, Running - General, Running - Long Distance, Running - Sprint, Shooting - Rifle, Skateboard - street, Snow Skiing - Downhill, Swimming - ability - general, Dance Hip Hop, Drums, Modeling, Piano, Vocal Range: Tenor, Vocal Style: Rapper, Voiceover