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Joyce Mitchell Docu-series

Police Officer Day Player

Lifetime production- AMS Produ

Reservation Dogs (Pilot Episode)

Featured Junk Yard Worker

Sterlin Harjo-Disney/FX

Reservation Dogs (Episode One)


Sterlin Harjo-Disney/FX

The Joneses Television Series

Audrey (Principal)

Waylon Hobson

Freddy vs. Jason

Officer Craven (Supporting)

Cody Huskins

The Search

Mom (Supporting)

Rick Reed

A Glitch in the Matrix

Appears as Self

Larry Stone

The Pale Door

Featured Witch

Aaron Koontz


Courthouse Patron

Emmanual Ndejito

Breaking Them Up

Bake Sale Attendee

Scott Dow

Deadly Dormitory

Shop Patron

Brent Ryan Green

Deadly Radio Romance

Formal Party attendee

Michael Hoy


Courthouse Patron

Lyle Mitchell Corbine Jr.

Golden Arm

Super Fan- multiple scenes

Maureen Bharoocha


Customer Multiple scenes

A.S. Singh



Joshua Caldwell


Church Goer

Lee Isaac Chung

Single Pieces

Restaurant Customer- Multiple Scenes

Trell Barnes

The Unbreakable Boy

Arcade Mom

Jon Gunn-Lighthouse Production

Vixen with a Vendetta (Trailer)

Bikini Babe

Jeremy Sumrall



Sean Bingham

Stay Music Video

Appears as Self

Static Cycle

Spiritual Level Music Video


Amanda Marie Wilkinson

A Christmas Carol

Ghost of Christmas Future

Owasso First Baptist Church

Stunt Training for Film Level One

Xtreme Force Hollywood Stunts

Stunt Training for Film Level Two

Xtreme Force Hollywood Stunts

Stunt Training for Film Level Three

Xtreme Force Hollywood Stunts

Stunt Training for Film Level Four

Xtreme Force Hollywood Stunts

Acting 101

Adam Findley

Acting 101

Nil Osmar

Acting 101

Reel Talent Studio

Acting for Commercials

Meredith Binder

Audition for Film & Television

Chris Freihofer

Acting for Camera

Darryl Cox at The Actor Factor

Acting Like a Pro

Brian Shoop

Auditioning with Self-tape

Adam Findley

Character Building

Adam Findley

Improv: Going Off Script

Tony Schneider

Let's Make a Movie

Nil Osmar

Monologues for Actors

Meredith Binder

Online Improv

Kate McClain-Snipes & Pallas

Self-Taping for Actors

Meredith Binder

The Business of Acting

Jordan Matlock

Unarmed Combat for Film and Stage

Jordan Matlock

VoiceOver 101

Sean Daeley

Voiceover 102

Sean Daeley

Demo Reel Intensive

Troy Powell

Demo Reel Intensive #2

Reel Talent Studio

P.A.- Runner

Production/Crew Member

Kelly Crooks

Physical Characteristics / Measurements

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 155 lbs

Eyes: Blue

Hair Color: Strawberry Blonde

Hair Length: Shoulder Length


Aerobics, Baseball, Basketball, Body Building, Combat - Stage, Fishing, Jump Rope, Running - General, Shooting - Rifle, Sky Diving, Swimming - ability - general, Swimming - breast stroke, Tennis, Track & Field, Volleyball, Weight Lifting, Yoga, Dance - Pole Dancing, Flute, Improvisation, Licensed Driver, Medical Equip., Modeling, Stunts, Voiceover, American - Southern Accent