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50 - 60


It's Supernatural

Elder Smith

Llewellyn Films

TheRustyBucketKids Louisa May Alcott - TV


Whistle Stop Media

Homicide Hunter Lt Joe Kenda Ep 602

Principal Tim Cattell

Jupiter Entertainment

TheRustyBucketKids Lincoln


Whistle Stop Media

The Prosecutors - TV #002

Prosecutor Hart

New Dominion Pictures

Flight from Justice

Agent Thompson

New Dominioin Pictures

The Prosecutors - TV #30

Dr. Withers

New Dominion Pictures

The West Wing - TV (3 seasons)

Secret Service - Precision driver

NBC/John Wells Production

Battle of Guilford Revolutionary War

General Webster

Guilford Museum/History Chan.

UNC-TV PBS 1999-2011

On Air Host Festival

UNC-TV PBS North Carolina

Gods and General

Maj. Gen. Richard Ewell

Turner Pictures/Warner Bros.

The Prosecutors - TV #105

Prosecutor James

New Dominion Pictures

Massacre at Shelton Laurel

Attorney Jonathan Sharpe

UNC-TV/History Channel


Ninety Sunsets

Henry Miller

Penta Pictures/Andrea Canal

Tom Destry

Jack Bennett

CowboyFilmz/Ronald Koontz

Put A Ribbon in Her Hair

Charlie & Stunts

Wolf Studios/Josh Schmidt

American Animals

Used Car Salesman

FilmFour/Bart Layton


Jim Martin

Moving Visions Entertainment

The Locket

Neighbor Joe (Stunt Fall)

Thicker Than Water Productions

The Believers


Green Eyes Production


Mr. Wellman



Dick Daniels (Live Action)

Edwards Smith Production

Odd Man Out

Hit Man 1

NexGen Entertainment

Flight from Justice - TV

Special FBI Agent Thompson

New Dominion Pictures

Murder of Senator John Stephens

Senator John Stephens

PCC-FVPT/M Corbett

Among Brothers

Detective Johnson

Fourth Ward Productions

Communication Breakdowns

Ian Catchpole

Lost Colony Entertainment Prod

Will to Power

Mr. Enstrom

SITW & PsychoRock Production


US President (Stunt Fall)

DPI Production

Sorry Good-bye


Sun Productions

Train Wreck


Jabez Production

Late One Night

Mr. Crenshaw

Christiano Films

VOICE OVER (Full list available upon request)

Nick Knight Mysteries Ep 1

Multiple VO

Kevin Seaman/Director

Nick Knight Mysteries Ep 2

Multiple VO

Kevin Seaman/Director

Nick Knight Mysteries Ep 3

Multiple VO

Kevin Seaman/Director

KTNV Scripps News/Weather

News/Weather Talent

Scripps/Las Vegas

Remnants (Film)

Radio News Caster

AfterLight Prod./Bug Out Bag


Principal VO


Shadow Force Archer

"Two" (Principal VO - British Proper)

Moody Studios/AEG Ent.

SCS Kid's Show

Principal VO - Thomas Jefferson

On Yonder Productions

INDUSTRIAL (Full list available upon request)



Whistle Stop Media

Glaxo-Smith-Kline (2001)

Dr. Withers (Swedish accent)


COMMERCIAL/PRINT (List available on request)


The Murder of John Stephens (Film)

Senator John Stephens

PCC/CP Studio Production

Dead Write (Film)

Tom Johnson

PCC/CP Studio Production

Circle K "Toby Burke" (Commercial)

Pit Crew Chief

Bailey & Associates

Big White Wall (Film)

The Neighbor




Judge Omar Gaffney

Judson Theatre Company

To Kill A Mockingbird

Mr. Cunningham

Judson Theatre Company

Funny Girl


NC Theatre

The Sound of Music


NC Theatre

Peter Pan

Mr. Darling (Standard British accent)

RLT Main Stage

Fiddler on the Roof


NC Theatre

Best Little Christmas Pageant

Multiple Roles

Classic Theatre Tour

Diary of Anne Frank

Mr. Putti Van Dann

Classic Theatre Tour


Artful Dodger

RLT Main Stage

A Christmas Carol

1975-76 Understudy/Mult. Roles

RLT Main Stage


Extensive Tele/Ear Prompter Work

Full List Available Upon Request

Personal Equip./Rentals Avail


Live Interactive Performer

Colonial Townsperson (Holiday)

Colonial Williamsburg (1997)

Live Interactive/Theater/TV/Corporate Events


Since 2010


2001 Silver Reels of Excellence

Overall - The Murder of John Stephens

Media Comm. Assocation

Award of Merit

Circle K "Toby Burke" series

Central NC Advertisers

Best Cast- CFF Va Beach


Moving Visions Entertainment

Talent Category Award

Big White Wall

LA Int. Short Film Festival


Ira David Wood III

1975 - present

Acting Mentor

Acting Classes

Drama and Analysis

Thom Klohn CSA - Los Angeles

Acting Classes

Cold Reading and Script Analysis

Cathy Henderson - Los Angeles

Accent Coach

Multiple Dialects

Jim Johnson

ACCENTS: Hired most often for British Proper, British Muted,

Colonial American, Irish, Scottish & Southern. Able to take

on long list of other accents as well.

JD's mother was in the national touring company of "South Pacific," so the passion for theater and acting has been ingrained in him since birth. As a young boy in the early 1970's, he landed his first role in "Annie Get Your Gun" at RLT's Main Stage. JD's work over the years has included film, television, commercials, voice overs, hosting, industrials, lots of theater...and stints as director/producer. His children have followed in the family legacy and star in the television series "Rusty Bucket Kid's Club."

Physical Characteristics / Measurements

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 209 lbs

Eyes: Hazel

Hair Color: Salt and Pepper

Hair Length: Bald on Top


Fire Arms Training, Fire Breather, Lawyer training, NationalSecurityAgency, Precission Driving, Restraint Training, SecretService Training, Veteran, WheelChair Training VA, Archery, Baseball, Basketball, Billiards/Pool Player, Bowling, Canoeing, Combat - Actual Service, Combat - Stage, Cycling, Equestrian - General, Equestrian - Western, Fencing, Fishing, Frisbee, Golf, Ice Skating, Jet Skier, Ping Pong, Scuba Diver, Scuba Diving, Shooting - Revolver/Automatic, Shooting - Rifle, Shooting - Skeet/Trap, Snorkeling, Soccer, Softball, Swimming - ability - general, Tennis, Volleyball, Water Skiing, Auctioneer, Audio Prompter, Chef, Comedian, Dance Ballroom, Ear Prompter, Firearms, Host, Improvisation, Licensed Driver, Modeling, Precision Driver, Stunts, Teleprompter, Ventriloquist, Vocal Range: Baritone, Vocal Style: Belt, Vocal Style: Legit, Voiceover, Whistler, American - Boston Accent, American - Cajun Accent, American - New England Accent, American - New York Accent, American - Southern Accent, Australian Accent, British - BBC English Accent, British - Cockney Accent, British - Scouse/Liverpool Accent, British - Yorkshire Accent, Canadian Accent, Eastern European Accent, French Accent, German Accent, Irish Accent, Italian Accent, Jewish/Yiddish Accent, Russian Accent, Scandinavian Accent, Scottish Accent, Swedish Accent