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Legacy at North Augusta (2022)

Principal (Resident)

Legacy at North Augusta Media

Rutherford Tourism (2019)

Principal (Older Wife)

Apple Box Cinema Company

Nascar 2018

Featured (Receptionist)

GLP Creative

Boosterthon 2017 "Teacher's Meeting"

Principal (Mrs. Clark)

Booster Enterprises, Inc.


Principal Speaking (Nosey Neighbor)

Mr. Big Films, Inc. (Chicago)

Copies Plus

Principal Speaking(Copier Operator)

Time Warner Cable Adcast

Smith-Stokes Car Dealerships

Principal Speaking (Granny)

Westokes Advertising

The Chiropractic Center of Pembroke

Principal Speaking (Patient)

Time Warner Cable Adcast

First Comfort Heating & Cooling

Principal Speaking (Customer)

Tellurvision Video Production

The Gathering Storm (Book Trailer)

Seance Participant

Run and Gun Films

FILM (Full List upon request)

Jailhouse Wedding (2019)

(Supporting) Deputy Laura King

Perry Ball Productions

Darlin' (2018)

(Dayplayer) Mrs. Freeman

Little Biter LLC/P McIntosh

Tom Destry

(lead) Norror

Koontz Films

Cooper Sky

(Lead) Norror

Koontz Films

Fever Dreams-It's My House

(Supporting Lead) May Downing

Feedback Films

A Lovely Sunrise

(Supporting) Mandy

Tar Heel Cinema

Elbow Grease

(Supporting) Granny Blythe

Elbow Grease/Flat World Prod.


(Supporting) Louanne Royal

Forrest Entertainment, NYC


(Lead) Aunt Mable

Continuous Take Productions

Will to Power

(Supporting) Mrs. Ryter/Patient

Omega Films/ Los Angeles

Off-Ramp to Eden

(Supporting) Bernice

Blindside Illumination Product

Praise Band

(Principal) Choir Lady 1

Dir. David Moody/Elevating Ent

Left in the Ditch

(Supporting) Aimee

Dir.Joseph Gerbino, NYU


(Supporting) Mrs. Fuller/Psychic

Daytype Films, NC

Cowboy Trails

(Supporting) Stella the Storekeeper

Circle M Productions, NC


(Lead) Gretta

Dir. Jesse Pikes/ NCSA

Louie the Moon

(Principal) Grandma Guzzi

Pretend Productions, NC

Clean Up on Aisle Five

(Supporting) Elderly Woman

Circus Dogs Productions

Britney's Summer in Paris

(Supporting) Wife

Lodger Productions

Haunted Mind

(Supporting) Mother

Dir. Ted Ferris/UNCSA


(Supporting) Lorraine/Mother

Dir. Brad Baker/UNCSA

The Devil's Game

(Supporting) Romanian Mother

DayStar Films, NC


Main Street

(Stand-in/Body Double)Ellen Burstyn

Main Street Productions

The Key Man

(Stand-in) Hugo Weaving & Judy Greer

Keyman Productions

Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood

(Stand-in) Dame Maggie Smith

Sisterhood Productions/WB

Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood

(Leg/foot double) Ellen Burstyn

Sisterhood Productions/WB


It's Supernatural w Sid Roth (2020)

Ryan Johnson's Mother

New Day Pictures International

Homicide for the Holidays-Season 3 Ep. 303 (2020)

Elaine Denney

Jupiter Entertainment/Oxygen

Famous and Afraid (2019)

Old Woman Farmer Ghost

Jupiter Entertainment/Travel C

Mark of a Killer (2019)

Leafie Mason

Jupiter Entertainment/ Oxygen

It's Supernatural w Sid Roth (2018)

Principal (Woman)

New Day Pictures International

Killer Couples Ep. 10:03 (2018)

Principal (Etta Jean Westbrook - Victim)

ID/Jupiter Entertainment

Homicide Hunter Ep. 703 "Raise the Dead"

Principal (Ann Ives)

ID/Jupiter Entertainment

Losing My Soul

Supporting (Scarlett)

Envy Rue

“Days That Shook the World” (Pearl Harbor)

Co-star (Head Nurse)

BBC / Lion TV

Happily Never After-Ep307 (2014)

Lead (Lou Patton)

Investigative Discovery/M2Pict

It's Supernatural with Sid Roth

Principal (Frances Medcalf)

New Day Pictures International

Inspiration Today-"Heaven" Series with Trudy Harris

Principal (Billie Patterson)

INSP Network

Cool Carolina Nights Soap Drama

Principal (Dorothy Bennett)

JBG Media Productions/Atlanta

Southern Fried Stings

Dayplayer (Ella) Wife

TruTV/ Zoo Productions

Rusty Bucket Kids Show

Recurring (Mary Sue Ellen)

Studio in the Woods

“NC Wanted”(Linda Meeker Story)

Co-star (Linda's Mother)

Fox 50 /WRAZ

"Psychic Detectives” (Lost in Transit-Pat McCormick)

Title Lead (Pat McCormick)

Court TV / Story House Product

“All You Can Eat”

Co-star (Pageant Interviewer)

Fox 43/ Matchtalent Production


Screen Actors Guild 75th Anniversary Gala

Host of Red Carpet in Wilmington, NC

Davis Brothers & Associates


Aspen Dental (2022)


Aspen Dental Clinics

Georgia Power Heroes (2020)

Heart Attack Victim's Wife

GDI Productions /Georgia

Above & Beyond (2019)


Passion City Church /Georgia

Cigarette Warning Ad Print


RTI International

Grief Share "Surviving the Holidays"


Church Initiative/Sam Hodges

Nat. Institute of Health "Communicating Effectively"

Principal (Nurse)

Dir. K.Cullen, Emot. Creatures

Divorce Care


Church Initiative/Sam Hodges

US Treasury Depart, IRS

Principal (Receptionist)

Encore Video Productions

TheraSim Medical Video

Lead (Patient)

Jean-Paul Dame, Producer

Renal Failure Industrial

Lead (Patient)

Back Focus Films

Coldwell Banker United Reality

Lead (Home Buyer)

Brown Studies

Alzheimer's Association

Principal (Caretaker Student)

Horizon Video

Failure Free Reading

Lead (Interviewer)

Digital Images


Featured(Receptionist & Casino Player)

Horizon Video

Standarized Patient Program

Standarized Patient

UNC Med School Clinical Skills

Standarized Patient Program

Standarized Patient (ongoing)

UNC-G School of Nursing


Live at Nine (Talk Show)

Co-Host (1998-2010)

WBF-TV Channel 46

Cooking Show Special Edition


WBF-TV Channel 46

Blank Surfaces


Across the Canvas Productions

The Lee County Fair

Co-Host (4-years)

WBF-TV Channel 46

Elections Primary 2000


WBF-TV Channel 46

Insight North Carolina

Correspondent (2002-2004)

Eno River Media Productions

The Local Scene


WBF-TV Channel 46


Don’t Fear the Reeper Audio Plays

Narrator and Valerie

Shadowdog Productions

Scotia Village Ms. NC Senior Pageant


Life 103 FM

89.1 FM


89.1 FM in Australia

KAK Radio


KAK Radio Kentucky

93.7 FM WYAH


93.7 FM WYAH Winchester, Kentu

TANF Project in Louisiana


Simple Machines Prod. for Uni.


Pearl (Weather-comedic spot)

G105 Raleigh, NC

For Your Health Series


WDSG 107.9 FM

Around Town with Cathy Sewell


WDSG 107.9 FM

Stanley Western Auto Home Center


WDSG 107.9 FM

Southern Jewelers


WDSG 107.9 FM

McNeil Paint and Decorating Center


WDSG 107.9 FM

Lee Builder Mart


WDSG 107.9 FM

Myres Animal Hospital (2 spots)


WDSG 107.9 FM

Computerized Tax Services


WDSG 107.9 FM

Jo Ann's Fashions


WDSG 107.9 FM

WDSG 107.9 FM

(4) ID's for station

WDSG 107.9 FM


Footloose (2017)

Adult Ensemble

Temple Theatre

His Wonderful Presence: Here and Now

Charlotte/ 18 Years

Mary Ann Sadler


Beth Ann

Grace Ellis

By Noon

Mrs. Parker

7 AM Productions

Footlight Players

Various roles

Community Players, Sanford, NC


Madonna Nash (2011)

Lead (Bernice)

Shutter Blade Productions

It's Supernatural

Featured (Widow)

New Day Pictures International

Roxanna Demers

Principal (Storekeeper)

Studio in the Woods


College Drama


Anderson University

Through the Eyes of Casting

Jen Inguli

Audition Techniques

Tim Ross

Acting for the Camera

Tracy Kilpatrick

Acting for the Camera

Amy Jo Berman

Acting for the Camera

Richard Futch, Bob Luke & Jordan Beswick

Tom Logan & Tom Webb

Commercial Techniques

Corrigan & Johnston & Elyse Williams

JD Lewis & Timothy O'Keefe

Voice and Diction

Susan S. Stewart & Jay O’Berski

Rick Azar & Dalton Thomas

Accent Reduction/Diction

Rick Caballada Azar


Rowell Howell & John Demers

Vocal Voice (Singer)

Marilyn Turner & Denise Robinette

Joan Le Tourneau

Catherine has over 15-years of experience in film, television, commercials, print, and voice-over work. Her life experiences as a mother, grandmother, teacher, psychologist, college professor and administrator help her deliver strong "real people" performances.

Physical Characteristics / Measurements

Height: 5'4"

Weight: 121 lbs

Eyes: Green

Hair Color: Honey Brown

Hair Length: Shoulder Length


Business Woman, Drive Standard Shift, Good with animals, Good with children, Handgun training, Retailer, School Administrator, Shoot firearms, Storyteller, Teacher, Teleprompter, Trained psychologist, Aerobics, Archery, Badminton, Bowling, Cycling, Equestrian - General, Equestrian - Western, Fishing, Ice Skating, Jump Rope, Ping Pong, Roller Skating, Running - General, Shooting - Revolver/Automatic, Shooting - Rifle, Snow Skiing - General, Softball, Swimming - ability - general, Swimming - breast stroke, Swimming - butterfly, Swimming - diving, Swimming - freestyle, Tennis, Volleyball, Water Skiing, Audio Prompter, Dance Ballroom, Dance Line/Country, Dance Swing, Dancer, Ear Prompter, Firearms, Harmonica, Host, Improvisation, Licensed Driver, Modeling, Percussion, Piano, Precision Driver, Singer, Teleprompter, Vocal Range: Mezzo Soprano, Voiceover, American - Southern Accent, British - BBC English Accent, British - Cockney Accent, Spanish Accent