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Into the Box

Alice (Lead)

Dir. Ahmet Ozedmir

The Chad

Karen (Lead)

Carpool Productions


Remi (Lead)

Dir. Elizabeth Whitfield

Keller's Mission

Keller (Lead)

Reactant Films

The Last Stand

Aimee (Lead)

Dir. Sam Zheng

The Last Locksmith

Jane (Lead)

Dir. Ryan Mclaughlin

Bad News

Violet (Lead)

Dir. Megan Deck

Dining Alone

Nora (Lead)

Dir. Bronywyn Thomas

Ceci N'est Pas

Claire (Lead)

Dir. Raine Shark

Fat Finger

Jessica (Lead)

Dir. Michael Rae

Food For Thought

Candace (Lead)

Dir. Isa Ramos

Helicopter Roommates

Sophie (Lead)

Dir. Grant Strange


Donna (Lead)

Dir. Alicia Mendez

Split Decision

Eve (Lead)

Dir. Leo Huseca

Off the Hook

Stoner 1 (Co-Star)

Dir. Jusleen Bhatti


Rich Girl 1 (Co-Star)

Dir. James Mills



Jamie (Series Regular)

Dir. Sam Michaan


Blair (Series Regular)

Dir. Larson Schulter


Sloan (Series Regular)

Dir. Bronwyn Thomas

Red Lights

Mickey (Series Regular)

Dir. Raine Shark

Queer Beards

Summer (Series Regular)

Dir. Ilana Slavit

Kevin Kicks the Bucket

Victoria (Recurring)

Dir. Ilana Slavit


Amanda (Recurring)

Dir. Dylan Mickanen


Claire (Reccuring)

Dir. Jackson Mears


Nike Spec Commercial

Talia (Lead)

Dir. Bamba Kimball


Scene Study (Ongoing)

Berg Studios

Gregory Berger

Scene Study

Berg Studios

Camillia Monet

Intermediate Improv

The Groundlings

Alex Bonifer

Basic Improv

The Groundlings

Sarah Cornell

Improv Workshop

The Groundlings

David Jahn

Meisner Technique

Ruskin School

John Ruskin

Body and Voice Technique, Stanislavsky's System

University of Oregon

Ellen Kress

Realism, Dramaturgical Awareness

University of Oregon

Tricia Rodley

On-Camera Technique

University of Oregon

Elizabeth Fairchild

On-Camera Technique

Shelly Lipkin Studios

Shelly Lipkin


21Ten Theatre

Brooke Toteman

Advanced Scene Study + Script Analysis

21Ten Theatre

Brooke Toteman


Best Actress, Fall 2017

University of Oregon

As Jamie in "Lullaby"

Best Actress, Winter 2018

University of Oregon

As Blair in "Selfless"

Best Actress, Spring 2018

University of Oregon

As Sloan in "Funemployed"

Best Actress, Fall 2019

University of Oregon

As Candace in "FoodforThought"

Best Actress, Winter 2019

University of Oregon

As Mickey in "Red Lights"

Best Actress, Winter 2020

University of Oregon

As Jane in "Last Locksmith"

Sarah Jane Sax is an award-winning actress with over 21 film and web series under her belt. She commands the screen as having performed mostly lead and series regular roles. Sarah is consistently called back to work with the same directors and writers for several projects as she is known for her dedication, professionalism, adaptability, thorough research and preparation, enthusiasm, and commitment to work and her team.

Physical Characteristics / Measurements

Height: 5'5"

Weight: 117 lbs

Eyes: Blue

Hair Color: Blonde

Hair Length: Shoulder Length


hiking, Baseball, Basketball, Cycling, Fishing, Golf, Running - Sprint, Swimming - ability - general, Tennis, Track & Field, Weight Lifting, Dance Hip Hop, Licensed Driver, American - New York Accent, American - Southern Accent, American - Texan Accent, British - BBC English Accent, British - Birmingham Accent, British - Cockney Accent, French Accent