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Brian Regan Comedy Show

Weaselly Attorney - Guest Star


Modern Family

Doctor - Co-Star

Jeffrey Walker/ ABC

Silicon Valley

Hollicon Guard - Co-star

Mike Judge/ HBO

Stuck In The Middle

Mega Store Rodney - Guest Star

Mathew Rudenberg/ Disney

You Can Do Better S1 E14 "At The Holidays"

Dad at Thanksgiving - Guest Star

Jeffrey Miller/ Redtail Media

You Can Do Better S1 E11 "At Watching Sports"

Diehard Football Fan - Guest Star

Jeffrey Miller/ Redtail Media

You Can Do Better S1 E8 "At Big Decisions"

Terrence the Gaffer - Guest Star

Jeffrey Miller/ Redtail Media

You Can Do Better S1 E6 "At Getting Healthy"

Joe Couch Potato - Guest Star

Jason Cotton/ Redtail Media

Henry Danger S2 E19 "I Know Your Secret"

Owen - Guest Star

Dan Schneider/ Nickelodeon

Chase Champion S1 E9 "Gork"

Gork - Guest Star Recurring

Michael Chaves/ Nickelodeon

Band Life Sitcom Pilot

Gary the Band Manager - Series Regular

Danilo Di Julio/ RWTW Prod

All-Stars Sitcom Pilot

Bob - Series Regular

Rudy Carbajal/ ReMaxProd

Trophy Wife - S1 E16 "The Wedding: Part 1"

Canadian Guy - Co-star

Claire Scanlon/ABC

Ridiculous - S1 E3 "Ready or Not"

Bob the Comedian - Guest Star

Victoria Lea Rudd/FeelGoodFilm

Ridiculous - S1 E2 "Laugh Factory"

Bob the Comedian - Guest Star

Victoria Lea Rudd/FeelGoodFilm

Kickin' It - S1 E8 "Ricky Weaver"

Paparazzi - Co-star

Shelley Jensen/ Disney XD

Weather Warriors TV Pilot

Dan the Host - Lead

Bryan Curb/ David Doyle

Parks and Recreation - S2 E5 "Practice Date"

Bartender - Co-star

Alex Hardcastle/ NBC

The Office - S5 E8 "Business Trip"

Economy Passenger Phil Shea - Co-star

Randall Einhorn/ NBC

Bud House- World Cup 2010

Danilo the Bartender - Host Lead

RSA Films/ Evan Weinstein

Jimmy Kimmel Live's Salute to Jimmy Kimmel Live Primetime

Jimmy # 2 - Co-star

Wayne McClammy/ ABC

Anything To Win - S1 E9 "The Breeders' Cup Pick 6 Scam"

Chris Harn - Lead

John Joseph/ GSN

Gilda Radner: It’s Always Something

Dan Aykroyd Circa 1975 - Supporting

Duane Clark/ ABC-Merv Griffin

Monk - S1 E8 "Mr. Monk takes a vacation"

Security Officer - Guest Star

Kevin Inch/ ABC-USA

Street Time- S1 E14 "Sex, lies & a truckload of dates"

Jail Guard - Guest Star

George Mendeluk/ SHOWTIME

Oil & Water -Sitcom Pilot

Larry the Agent - Series Regular

Jimmy Gillespie

Reality 411 -Sitcom Pilot

The Producer - Recurring

Jimmy Gillespie



Daryl - Co-Lead

Jess Burgess/Tal Vez Ent.

Dicky Sledgehammer: The Case of Sunday Stone


Matthew Dean/Ashworth Films

Silent Retreat

Dale Re - Co-Lead

Ace Jordan/Starko Prod


Enrico Caruso - Lead

Marta Savina/UCLAGradProd


Sgt. Claude Gautier

George Clooney/ Ben Affleck



Jon Schwartz/ James Ponsoldt


The Boss

Marcus Neihaus/ Tin Baba Prod

P-51 Dragon Fighter

Jacques the Bartender

Scott Martin/ Archstone Dist.

Life After Death

Bob the Dead Husband

Victoria Lea Rudd/FeelGoodFilm

Jack and Jill


Danilo Di Julio

For You

The Strangler

David Hyunh



Armen Harootun

Robbie Jenkins

John - Lead

Nathan Shields/ People’s Pict.

The Hut

Mob Capo - Lead

Leslie Ferrer/ She's Got Moxi

Fallen Angel

Lt. Daniel Burke - Lead

Alex Taurean/ Champion Prods

Essence of a Being

Dwight Kemper - Lead

Trevor Woods/By The Woods Prod

Jack’s House

Pierre Brickmann

Naomi Hiltz/ The Movie Network

Who Killed Kurt Cobain? - Documentary

Interviewer, Bodyguard

Ian Halperin/ Halperin Prods

Not Being Frank

Opal Man

Krysztoff Piatrowski/ Krystar

Mama’s Boy

The Appraiser

Greg Goolesberry/GG Berry Prod

Freeborn Baby


J.M.Montgomery/ Freeborn Prods

Whipping Boy

Paul the camera guy

Alan Fox/ Gut Level Prods


Legacy -DJI Ronin Promo Film

1970’s Director

Sheldon Schwartz and DJI

Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Trailer

The Sniper

Guy Ritchie/ Activision

GEICO Gaming: Russell Goes to PAX West


Tim Ford/DCP and GEICO

GEICO Gaming: TSM's New Neighbor Ep2


Don Cherel/DCP and GEICO

GEICO Gaming: TSM's New Neighbor Ep1


Don Cherel/DCP and GEICO

What The?! S2 E3

Edward -Guest Star

Shondalia White/ Webseries

Xtreme Pillow Combat

Ronny Riptide "Ring Card Guy"

Steve Hoffmann


GEICO Gaming: TSM Campaign

Russell (3 films and 8 promos)

Don Cherel/DCP and GEICO

Honda Financial Services "GradDad Campaign" 2015/2016

GradDad (over 50 commercials)

Kastner & Partners

Priceline "The New Negotiator"


Nicholas Winding Refn/Pricelin

Over 150 total Commercials

IMPROVISATION Team and Training

"The Cover Up" sketch team (current)

DCT and MainStage team

iOWest (aka Improv Olympic)

Sunday Sketch Show (2016 to present)

DCT Stage Weekly show

iOWest (aka Improv Olympic)

"Bihop" sketch team (2016)

MainStage Monthly show

iOWest (aka Improv Olympic)


Back to Normal

Tom Jacobs - Lead

Edgemar Theatre Group

Classless Reunion Live

Victor Haverstaad - Lead

The Aqua Lounge Beverly Hills

A Christmas Carol

Ebenezer Scrooge - Lead

Stella Adler Theatre Hollywood

Classless Reunion Live

Victor Haverstaad - Lead

Montmartre Lounge Hollywood

Tony & Tina’s Wedding

Cousin Dom, Leo Sambucca - Ensemble

Second City Toronto

California Suite

Mort Hollander - Ensemble

Feast of Fools Theatre Toronto

Detective Story

Tami Giacopetti - Supporting

Peterborough Theatre Guild

The Commune

Elijah - Ensemble

University of Guelph


Mac Duff - Supporting

Westile Theatre

It’s Bigfoot

Trapper Jacques - Lead

Hernwood Theatre


Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty 2015 update


Blizzard Entertainment

Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty

Spectre/ additional voices

Blizzard Entertainment

World of Warcraft: Rise of the Lich King

General Bjarngrim

Blizzard Entertainment

World of Warcraft: Rise of the Lich King

Orc Death Knight

Blizzard Entertainment

Another House Call


USC Animated Short

David & Goliath

King Saul/David's Father/David's Bro

Prayer Dolls Incorporated



Koba Kai

SCEA: Sony Entertainment


The Prophet

SCEA: Sony Entertainment

SOCOM:Combined Assault

Mark Tepper, Crew Chief

SCEA: Sony Entertainment

SOCOM:Fire Team Bravo 2

Mark Tepper

SCEA: Sony Entertainment


Comedy Improvisation Workshop

Second City Hollywood Teachers

Second City

Stage Combat and Sword Fighting

Jeff Lewis

LA Fight Academy

Advanced Technique Analysis Intensive

Michelle Danner

Larry Moss Studios

The Art of Being Real

Lisa Pantone

Lisa Pantone Casting

Audition Technique for Comedic Film & Sitcoms

Cathy Reinking

Jeff Greenberg Casting

Audition Technique for Dramatic Film and TV

Jason Wood

Mandaly Casting

Audition Technique for Commercials

Jeff Marshall

Jeff Marshall Casting

Voice & Speech

Edna Hartmann

University of Guelph


Edna Hartmann

University of Guelph

Scene Study

Edna Hartmann

University of Guelph

Musical Theater

Edna Hartmann

University of Guelph

Acting I, II & III

Edna Hartmann

University of Guelph

Movement & Stage Combat

Edna Hartmann

University of Guelph

Script Analysis

Charles Stewart

University of Guelph

Understanding Theatre & It's History

Bruce Koenig

University of Guelph



American Brooklyn/NYC

American Southern(Texas & Atl)


Canadian (various)

Cockney (South London slang)

English (proper)

French (Parisian & Quebecquois)





Other: Canadian Forces Tank Gunner & Sharpshooter 3 years; safe & skilled with weapons; Special Forces Rappel Team 2 years; Volunteer Firefighter 2 years, Semi-Pro Football Player 9 years including two Undefeated Championship Teams, NCAA Div 1 Syracuse Football 1995; Proficient in most sports

Physical Characteristics / Measurements

Height: 6'

Weight: 285 lbs

Eyes: Green

Hair Color: Brown

Hair Length: Short


Hand to Hand Combat, Rappeller, Semi-Pro Footballer, Special Service Forces, Weapons Expert, Archery, Baseball, Basketball, Billiards/Pool Player, Bowling, Boxing, Combat - Stage, Cycling, Cycling - Mountain Biking, Football, Golf, Ice Hockey, Ice Skating, Martial Arts, Scuba Diving, Snow Skiing - General, Soccer, Softball, Tennis, Track & Field, Volleyball, Water Skiing, Weight Lifting, Wrestling, Diving, Firearms, Host, Impressionist, Improvisation, Licensed Driver, Precision Driver, Vocal Range: Baritone, Voiceover, African Accent, American - New England Accent, American - New York Accent, American - Southern Accent, Australian Accent, British - BBC English Accent, Canadian Accent, French Accent, German Accent, Irish Accent, Italian Accent, Jamaican Accent, Russian Accent, Scottish Accent, Spanish Accent