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"Alternate Math"


David Maddox, Dir.

"Night Fables"

Willis Jones (Co-Star)

Johnathan Paul, Dir.

"The Great Hanging"

Bob Scott (Co-Star)

Johnathan Paul, Dir.

"If Not Now, When?"

Mr. Mendelsohn (Co-Star)

Jack Watkins, Dir.

"The Bus Stop"

Gary (Co-Star)

Justin Malone, Dir.

"Final Judgment"

Detective Smithson (Supporting)

Brent Duncan, Dir.

"A Race Against Time: The Sharla Butler Story"

Raymond Butler (Co-Star)

Maurice Durham, Dir.

"In Kind"

James Leinamann (Co-Star)

Cameron Bruce Nelson, Dir.

"Beneath the Darkness"

Officer Jesse Wainwright (Supptg.)

Martin Guigui, Dir.


Professor (Supptg.)

Vicky Boone, Dir.

"Technically Crazy"

Dr. Forest (Supptg.)

Dan Riddle, Dir.

"Protocol 47"

General Maxwell (Max) Jones (Co-Star)

Valentina Legkikh, Dir.

"Balaam Gimble's Gumption"

Balaam Gimble (Lead)

David Brehm, Dir.


Rick Collier (Supptg. / OS)

Frank Mosley, Dir.

"Esther's Diary"

Dr. Clayton Dillman (Supptg.)

Mariusz Kotowski, Dir.


Dr. Carl Stone (Co-Star)

Aaron Marquette, Dir.


Agent Tremmel (Co-Star)

Drew Rist, Dir.

"Elvis and Anabelle"

Officer Washington (Supptg.)

Will Geiger, Dir.


Al (Supptg.)

James M. Johnston, Dir.


William Jamerson (Supptg.)

C.C. Stinson, Dir.

"The Art of the Heist"

Professor Marvin Walsh (Co-Star)

Dan Bower, Dir.

"A Scanner Darkly"

Medical Officer #1 (Supptg.)

Richard Linklater, Dir.


Sheldon (Supptg.)

Will Cannon, Dir.

"The Promise"

Rick Augmon (Supptg.)

Jerry Miranda, Dir.

"A Piece of Sky"

Roger Mince (Supptg.)

Vince Williams, Dir.

"The Least of These"

Isaac (Supptg.)

John Carstarphen, Dir.

"Summer Job"

Dexter (Co-Star)

Greg Biggerstaff, Dir.


"The Beginning and Ending of Everything" (Ep. 102)


Ya'Ke Smith, Dir.

"Dallas" (Ep. 202)

Police Commissioner (Supptg.)

Steve Robin / Dir. (TNT)

"Texas Rangers: A Baseball Love Story"

Ron Washington (Co-Star)

King Hollis / Dir.

"The Lying Game" (Ep. 105)

Principal Fleming (Co-Star)

Elodie Keene, Dir. (ABC Fam.)

"GCB" (Pilot)

Retail Security Manager (Co-Star)

Alan Poul, Dir. (ABC)


Narrator (Star)

Pamela Elder, Dir. (PBS)

"Friday Night Lights" (Ep. 307)

Sherman Hall (Supptg.)

Chris Eyre, Dir. (NBC/DIRECTV)

"The Chucks" (Pilot)

Presley Pierce, Sr. (Co-Star)

Nedra James, Dir.

"American Candidate" (Reality Show Demo)

Lawrence (Co-Star)

Kelli Herd, Dir.

"Spinopoly" (Game Show Demo)

Host (Star)

Bill Rhoten, Dir.

"Black Box" (Pilot and Ep. 2)

Dan E. Radshaw (Co-Star)

Charla Agers, Dir.

"$5.15/hour" (Pilot)

Father (Supptg.)

Richard Linklater, Dir. (HBO)

"City of Justice" ("A New Vision," Parts 1 & 2)

Uncle Morris (Co-Star)

Scott Murray, Dir. (DCTV)


"Growing Up African"

Lanre Babatunde Shekoni

Okem Okolo-Ebube

"Zoned Out" (Web Series)

Mr. Osborne (Co-Star)

Scott Murray, Dir.

WallBuilders (Historical Web Site)

Richard Cain (Prin. / VOC)

Pevoto Prods.

COMMERCIAL (Current Conflicts Available Upon Request)

Charlie Uniform Tango (Reg.)

Cancer Patient (Prin. / MOS)

Rucker & Co.

Bulldog Films, Inc. (Nat.)

Store Associate (Prin. / MOS)

Bulldog Films, Inc.

Van Winkle Associates (Reg.)

Doctor [GP] (Prin. / VOC)

Fueld Films

Epoxy Films (Reg.)

Business Professional (Prin. / VOC)

Epoxy Films

Sizzlin' Brains Creative (Reg.)

Parent (Prin. / VOC)

Sizzlin' Brains Prods.

Enhanced Minds Productions (Reg.)

HS Football Coach (Prin. / VOC)

Enhanced Minds Prods.

Reveal Productions (Reg.)

Retail Manager (Prin. / VOC)

Reveal Prods.

DDB Needham Dallas (Reg.)

Restaurant Customer (Prin. / MOS)

Mike Lagattuta Prods.

Wilson-Brown Productions (Reg.)

Electrical Engineer (Prin. / MOS)

Wilson-Brown Prods.

The Richards Group (Nat.)

Retail Customer (Prin. / MOS)


The Richards Group (Nat.)

Automotive Technician (Prin. / MOS)

Sugar Film Prods., Inc.

Creative Juice! (Reg.)

Physician [GP] (Prin. / VOC)

Creative Juice!

KERA Channel 13 (Reg. x 5)

Fundraising Spokesperson (Prin. / VOC)

KERA TV Prod. Svcs.

WFAA Channel 8 (Reg.)

Husband-Father (Prin. / VOC)

Raygun, Inc.

Invision Advertising (Reg. x 2)

Husband-Client (Prin. / VOC)

Invision Advtg.

INDUSTRIAL (Teleprompter Proficient)

Paraprofessional Healthcare Institute

Certified Nurse Aide (Prin. / VOC)

Enspire Learning

Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company (x 2)

News Anchor / USAF Capt. (Prins. / VOC)

Lockheed Martin Multimedia

Methodist Health System

Physician [Nephrologist] (Prin. / VOC)

Stream Switch Studio, Inc.

Texas Department of Transportation [TXDoT]

Supervisor #2 (Prin. / VOC)


Valerie Schuld & Barbara Stiebling

Owner & Manager (Prin. / VOC)

JC Penney Studio Prods.

Fellowship Church

Driver #3 / Husband (Prins. / VOC)

Fellowship Church Media Mins.

Eclipse Entertainment LLC (x 3)

Multiple Roles (Prins. / Live)

Eclipse Entertainment Prods.

Washington Mutual (x 2)

Assistant Coach (Prin. / Live)

BI Worldwide

University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center of Dallas

Group Facilitator #4 (Prin. / VOC)

Savell Video Prods.

Rite Aid (x 2)

Multiple Roles (Prins. / VOC & Live)


AMS Production Group (x 3)

Multiple Roles (Prins. / VOC & Live)

AMS Prod. Svcs.

National Education Association [NEA]

A. Phillip Randolph (Prin. / VOC & Live)

NEA Advtg. & Broadcast Svcs.

Dallas Independent School District [DISD]

Teacher (Prin. / VOC)

DISD Broadcast Svcs.

BBDO (Web Comm.)

Dr. Reginald Banks (Prin./ VOC)

Furlined, LLC


Creek Nation Casino ('60s Soul Revue)

Solo and Group Vocals (Ten. II)

Eclipse Entertainment Prods.

Accor (Live Project Proposal)

Choir Vocalist (Bar.)

AMS Prod. Group


Event One ("Frisco Arts Gala")

Master of Ceremonies

Eclipse Entertainment Prods.


The Richards Group, Inc. (Nat.)

Coach Lovie Smith (VO)


Latin Works (Reg.)

Friend (VO)

Charlie Uniform Tango

Rives Carlberg (Reg.)

Annouoncer (VO)

Charlie Uniform Tango

"Paws & Tales" (x 2)

Royal Adjutant and Old Man (VO)

Insight for Living

FUNimation Entertainment (Multimedia)

Multiple Anime Characters (VO)

FUNimation Entertainment

KERA 90.1 FM

Frederick Douglas and Former Slave (VO)

KERA Radio Prod. Svcs.

SER Imaging, Inc.

Narrator for Interactive CD-ROM (VO)

SER Imaging Prod. Svcs.


"(Mama) King Chronicles" (Staged Reading)

Martin Luther King, Sr. / James (Prins.)

Rover Dramawerks


Jim Bono (Prin.)

African American Rep. Theater

"Driving Miss Daisy"

Hoke Coleburn (Prin.)

FMPA Theatre

"Fathers and Sons"

Benard Goodwater (Prin.)

A Contemporary Theatre [ACT]


Lewis Barnett (Prin.)

Ennis Public Theatre

"The Last Days of Judas Iscariot"

Satan and Pontius Pilate (Prins.)

Risk Theatre Initiative

"Parade" (Musical)

Newt Lee (Prin.)

WaterTower Theatre

"Crumbs from the Table of Joy"

Godfrey Crump (Prin.)

Jubilee Theatre

"Cabin in the Sky" (Musical)

Head Man (Prin.)

Lyric Stage

"The Full Monty" (Musical)

Noah "Horse" T. Simmons (Prin.)

Theatre Three

"The Merchant of Venice" (Staged Reading)

Shylock (Prin.)

Shakespeare Dallas

"The Odd Couple"

Roy (Prin.)

Ennis Public Theatre

"Driving Miss Daisy"*

Hoke Coleburn (Prin.)

Theatre Arlington

"Mr. Rickey Calls a Meeting"

Bill "Bojangles" Robinson (Prin.)

Jubilee Theatre

"A Raisin in the Sun"*

Walter Lee Younger (Prin.)

Jubilee Theatre

"Jasmine's Bloom"

Father and Tim White (Prins.)

Blacken Blues Theater

"The Corporate Plantation"

Mr. Flemm (Prin.)

Blacken Blues Theater

"Blind 7"

Raymond (Prin.)

Soul Rep Theatre Co.

"On the Edge"

Smitty and Baliff (Prins.)

SFW Literary Prods.

"Once on This Island" (Musical)

Tonton Julian (Prin.)

TFM Prods., Inc.

"Trane: Beyond the Blues"

Twenty-six Roles (Prins.)

Soul Rep Theatre Co.


Three Roles (Prins.) and Ensemble

Soul Rep Theatre Co.

"Succeeding Beyond the Limits"

Leroy McClure (Prin.)

TeCo Theatrical Prods., Inc.

"Two Trains Running"

Mr. West (Prin.)

Artist & Elaine Thornton Foun.

"The Trojan Women"

Menelaus (Prin.)

Soul Rep Theatre Co.

"The Trees Don't Bleed in Tuskegee"

Arthur "Art" Nathaniel Shaw (Prin.)

Soul Rep Theatre Co.

"The Freedmans"

Cato (Prin.)

Soul Rep Theatre Co.

"The Amen Corner"

David Alexander (Prin.)

East River Players Rep. Co.

"The Two Gentlemen of Verona"

Valentine (Prin.)

Montgomery Shakespeare Fest.

"American Heritage Showcase"

Booker T. Washington (Prin.)

NTSU Dept. of Speech & Drama



Theresa Bell

TBell Studios

Michele Condrey and Nancy Chartier

R.E.A.C.T. Acting Studio

Daniel Foster and Glenn Morshower

Class Act

Bill Rhoten

The Actors Place

Randy Bennett (Workshop)

Upstaged School of Comedy


Beth Sepko

Beth Sepko Casting


Toni Cobb Brock

TCB Casting

Donise L. Hardy, CSA / Pato Hoffman

Casting Works LA

Barbara Brinkley, CSA

Barbara Brinkley & Assocs.


Multiple Profs. and Assoc. Profs.

North Texas State Univ.

* AWARDS: Best Actor in a Major Role in a Play for role of Hoke Coleburn in "Driving Miss Daisy," Theatre Arlington's 2004-2005 season; Best Performance as an Actor for role of Walter Lee Younger in "A Raisin in the Sun," Jubilee Theatre's 2002-2003 season.

Physical Characteristics / Measurements

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 175 lbs

Eyes: Brown

Hair Color: Salt and Pepper

Hair Length: Short


Badminton, Basketball, Billiards/Pool Player, Bowling, Cycling, Ping Pong, Running - General, Softball, Swimming - ability - general, Swimming - backstroke, Swimming - breast stroke, Swimming - butterfly, Swimming - freestyle, Tennis, Volleyball, Audio Prompter, Brass Instruments, Dance Salsa, Dance Swing, Host, Improvisation, Licensed Driver, Modeling, Piano, Singer, Teleprompter, Trumpet, Vocal Range: Bari-Tenor, Voiceover, Whistler, Wind Instrument, African Accent, American - New York Accent, American - Southern Accent, Australian Accent, British - BBC English Accent, British - Cockney Accent, Irish Accent, Jamaican Accent, West Indian Accent