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This is Us - Episode 106

Supporting - Jemma

20th Century Fox


Supporting - Savannah

Picto Films

Night Lab (trailer)

Lead - Emily Emerson

Something's Coming Entertainm

Leaves on Trees

Supporting - Kid

Kelly Ota Producer

Element {.245} - Zombie

Supporting - Flesh Muncher

KDC Mind Candy Productions


Medieval Times - “Speaking Medieval – Father’s Day”

Principal - Daughter

Luminous Sound Studios

Medieval Times - “Intervention – Summer Fun”

Principal - Daughter

Luminous Sound Studios


Chuck E Cheese "She Loves You"

Principal - Kickballer 2

CEC Entertainment

Gatti's Pizza

Supporting - Gatti's Patron

noonday pictures

Chuck E Cheese "This is how we do it"

Supporting - Party attendee

CEC Entertainment

“Punch” - Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief

Supporting - Frisbee Player

Radium/Reel FX Entertainment

Chuck E Cheese "Come on, let's go"

Supporting - Fan

CEC Entertainment


Private Coach - Los Angeles

Vicki Baumann

Short-Form Improvisation

The Groundlings LA

Audition Seminar

Mitchell Gossett & Melissa Berger Brenna

Acting for Film (Masters)

Cathryn Sullivan's Acting for Film

Audition Seminar

Howard Meltzer

Commercials 101, 102

Vicki Baumann

Acting through the Ages 1 & 2

Vicki Baumann

Audition Seminar

Christi Soper, Ania O'Hare

Alexander Technique

Cody Linley

Drama for Film, Comedy for Film

Mary Jo Mazur


Memorizes lines easily

Takes direction well

Current passport

Great comedic timing

Ukulele - Basics

Girl Scout Senior - Silver Awa

Swimming - General

Takes direction well, great comedic timing, memorizes lines easily, bubbly personality, outgoing, available for travel, valid passport

Physical Characteristics / Measurements

Height: 5'1"

Weight: 225 lbs

Eyes: Blue

Hair Color: Multi-Color

Hair Length: Shoulder Length


Art - drawing, Finger Knitting, Miniature Golf, Origami, Plays Ukulele, Video games, Swimming - ability - general, Licensed Driver, Ukulele, American - Southern Accent, American - Texan Accent, Australian Accent