Age: 17

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Gary Clark jr. music video This Land is Mine

child slave/ hero

Film & Television

Oprah's Most Talented Kids

extraordinary memory/recital

Talk show

Keys for kiddos

Story teller/recital

T.V Show

Child Builders

Big sister (kids safety)


A Fathers Love


Short Film


Angels In Waiting


New Hope Church



Midtown Theatre


Guest Speaker

Lake Olympia

Annual Day

Guest Speaker

Midtown Theatre

What About The Children


Chapel of Restoration

A Heart That Forgives


Chapel of Restoration

Losing Big Mama


Stafford Civic Center

The Holidays


Midtown Theatre


Hatti Benefits Concert

Sang Solo

Houston's Civic Center

Restoration of Saints Black History Program

Recital/ Sang

Chapel of Restoration

Texas Children Music Festival

Guest speaker/Sang Solo

Cleveland Civic Center

State Rep/ Mayor event

Guest speaker

Missouri city Civic Center

Congressman/State Rep event

Guest speaker/Sang solo

Missouri city texas

Karate Belt ceremony

Sang national Anthem

Stafford Stadium

Watch Night

Guest Speaker

Bretwood Baptist Church

Special Training

Lone Star Acting Studios

Film/ Commercial (private)

Eleese Lester

Paige Parks

Film/ Commercial (private)

Chris Rivera

Lone Star Acting Studios

Film/ Commercial (private)

Heavan Stephans

Lone Star Acting Studios

Film/ Commercial (private)

Alyssia Dujmovich

Kids In Dance Studios


Darlette Bailey

World Music

Piano lessons (private)

Lloyd Ernestes

World Music

guitar lessons (private)

Lloyd Ernestes

I have long memorization skills (recites all 254 countries, 50 states and 46 presidents in under 3 and a half minutes). Displays excellent computer skills, improv, sings, dance, act, plays piano, guitar and learning drums.She has great oratory skills (won several arts and advanced academic skill awards).She also has written 20 mini scripts for children's show and draws portraits.Wrote and composed 80 songs and theme song for children's show.I have landed my first animation role with Lion Forge Animation Company

Physical Characteristics / Measurements

Height: 4'8"

Weight: 83 lbs

Eyes: Brown

Hair Color: Black

Hair Length: Shoulder Length


animation, artist/drawing, computer skills,, improv,, long memorization, music production, oratorical skills, piano, guitar, scriptwriting, sing, dance, songwriter, Martial Arts, Roller Skating, Dancer, Guitar, Piano