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    Just a few of the characters I've had to play ranging from a coach, FBI agent and prison guard to a crooked mayor. The movie clip of "Home Run Showdown" was the very 1st movie I had ever audition for in 2010. I was able to land a supporting role with Dean Cain, Mathew Lillard and Barry Bostwick.

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Sins Of David (SAG)

Featured / Robert Bashir

Keely Stevens / Director

"Sunday Moanin'"

Lead / Pastor LaSalle

Darryl Ford / Director

"Wacko Roary Lionman"

Supporting / Detective Boyd

Luke Richmond / Director

"Enough" (Indie)

Supporting / Pastor Jordan

Miranda Ferguson

"Love Finds A Way" (Short)

Lead / Mr. Collin

Royce Davis / Director

"Funky Town" (Indie)

Lead / Mayor

Jamie Wheatley / Director

"The Wicked" (SAG)

Supporting / Sergeant Reid

Peter Winther / Director

"The Setup" (SAG)

Supporting / Prison Guard

Mike Gunther / Director

"Home Run Showdown" (SAG)

Supporting / Baseball Coach

Oz Scott / Director


Sparrow Health Systems

Lead Talent / Father

Harvest Creative Services

U of M Industrial

Lead Talent / Doctor

Bob Berg

Mike Morse (2019 "Superbowl" commercial)

Lead Talent / Barber

Lerner Advertising Agency

Columbus Recycling Company

Lead Talent / Husband

Portfolio Creative

Detroit Land Bank

Lead Talent / Dad

Lucky Airlines Productions

Consumers Energy

Supporting / Engineer

The JRT Agency

Faygo Pop (Det. Lions Radio)

Lead Talent / Commentator

TMV Group


Lead Talent / Voice Over

Amy Weber (Radish Creative)

Business Leaders Of MI

Supporting / Board Member

Amy Weber (Radish Creative)

Reliable Carriers (Bubble Wrap)

Lead / Driver 1

Union Ad Works Agency

Reliable Carriers (Foam Packaging)

Lead / Driver 1

Union Ad Works Agency

Reliable Carriers (Packing Peanuts)

Lead / Driver 1

Union Ad Works Agency

Video (Music)

Katy Perry "Pendulum"

Supporting singer

The Squared Division

Commissioned "Love U"

Supporting cast member

Benson Records


"A Mother's Heart"

Lead / Father

Royal Oak Music Theater

"Spirit Of Christmas Past"

Supporting / Business Man

CTAB Theater Group

"My Secret Pain"

Supporting / Business Owner

Local Theater

"Angels On Assignment 2"

Lead / Joseph

CTAB Theater Group


Lead / Father

CTAB Theater Group

"Is It Still Good To You"

Supporting / Con Artist

Local Theater

"Plant Diaries"

Supporting / Plant Worker

Ford Community Arts Center

"The Sam Cooke Story"

Supporting / Manager

Detroit's Music Hall

"The Lust Of A Man"

Lead / Club Owner

Local Theater

"Granny's Place"

Supporting / Doctor

Local Theater

"I Can't Stop Loving You"

Supporting / Psychiatrist

National US Tour

"Grandma Roger's Neighborhood"

Supporting / Construction Worker

Local Theater

"Kwame A River"

Lead / Kwame Kilpatrick

Second City Theater Group


Lead / Pastor

Local Theater Group


(Writer and Producer)

Local Theater

"A Mother's Love"

Lead / Teacher

Local Theater

"Between The Sheets"

Co-Star / DJ & UPS Driver

Local Theater

"Poppa Don't Take No Mess"

Lead / Realtor

Local Theater

"Torn Between Two Loves"

Supporting / Pastor & Gang

National US Tour

"Everybody Talking 'bout Heaven"

Lead / Pastor

Local Theater

"Ain't Nothin Like Family"


National US Tour

"If God Ain't In It, I Ain't Either"

Supporting / Con-man

Local Theater

"Only The Strong"

Supporting / Car Salesman

National US Tour

"Talk Is Cheap"

Musical Director

National US Tour

Physical Characteristics / Measurements

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 250 lbs

Eyes: Brown

Hair Color: Bald

Hair Length: Bald (total)


Baseball, Basketball, Billiards/Pool Player, Bowling, Boxing, Football, Jet Skier, Drums, Guitar Bass, Licensed Driver, Vocal Range: Baritone, Vocal Range: Tenor, Voiceover