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Low Estate (Post Production)

Lead/Tommy Costello

Wide Angle Prod/Shamus Cooley

Revenge, Inc.

Lead/John Williams

Seeker 70

Still and the Spot

Lead/Dr. T

USC Thesis/ Avi Glick


Lead/ Detective Hanna

USC Thesis/Cheng Fang


Lead/ Dr. Stein

/USC Thesis/Jean Paulo Lasmar

The Elephant in the Room

Lead/Senator Richards

USC Thesis/ Avi Glick

The Insider

Lead/Lowell Bergman

USC Thesis/ Avi Glick

For All It's Worth

Lead/ Detective Stillwell

Showtime/Greg Boyer

The Little Flower

Lead/ Father Mahoney

KBS/ Yoon Park

Who Shot Christos

Lead/ Detective Eisner

M&M Prod. / Michael Moriarty

Daughter of Fortune

Supporting/ The Mogul

USC Thesis/Dawn Kamoche

City Slickers

Supporting/ Cab Driver

Castle/Ron Underwood

Television Movie

Aftermath: A Test of Love

Supporting/ Cop #1

ITC Entertainment/Glenn Jordan


Duster EP 105

Co-Star/Greek Shipping Magnet

HBO/MAX JJ Abrams Steph Green

Dark Winds EP105

Co-Star/ The Director

Chris Eyre Dir/ AMC

Ammazzre (Pre-Production)

Guest Star/ General Cassius

Venti Prod / Rich Albaugh

Quantum LeapS4 EP2

Co-Star/ INS Captain

NBC/Joe Napolitano

Gabriel's Fire S-1 EP20

Co-Star/ Police Captain

/Lorimar/ABC/Michael Switzer

Rescue 911

Guest Star/ Father

CBS/Mark Cole

Star Trek: The Next Generation-m S4 EP20


Paramount NBC/ Jeffrey Reiner

Theatre LA & NY (Partial Listing)

The Roads to Home

Jack Votaugh

The Gardner Stages

And Miss Reardon Drinks a Little

Bob Stein

Zephyr Theatre (7 Months)

The Man in the Glass Booth

Colonel Dorph

Cubiculo Theatre/NY

Mass Appeal

Fr. Tim Farley

Theatre 22/NY

The Caine Mutiny

Capt. Queeg

The Mirror Reperatory

The Angel of Death

Dr. Josef Mengele

Theatre 22

The Journey Back

Jamie Tyrone

The O'Neal Theatre



Conflicts available upon request

Robert Lewis Studios, NY

Scene Study & Character Analsis

Bobby Lewis

HB Studios, NY- Uta Hagen, Herbert Berghoff, Sandy Dennis, B

Scene Study & Character Analysis

Uta Hagen, Herbert Berghoff

HB Studios, NY

Scene Study-Comedy

Sandy Dennis, Bill Hickey

Michael Moriarty, NY- (4 years)

Private Coaching

Michael Moriarty

Path-CBS- LA (2 years)

TV Acting for Drama and Comedy

Multiple instructors

SAG Conservatiory (ongoing)

All facets of TV and Film Acting

Multiple instructors

SAG Foundation (ongoing)

Film and TV techniques

Multiple instrctors

Rae Allen- LA

On Camera Acting Coaching

Rae Allen

Guest star Boot Camp

On Camera Auditioning Techniques

Meg Mormon

Master Class @ RBG - LA (Ongoing)

On Camera Auditioning Techniques

Risa Bramon Garcia

Actors Improv Studio-LA (2 years)

Actors Improvisation

Bill Applebaum

Erica Silverman- LA

Guest Star on Camera Audition Techniques

Erica Silverman

Jack Plotnick-LA

on camera- Audition Technique

Jack Plotnick

The Actor's Key- LA

On camera Audition Technique

Multiple Casting Directors

LA-On Camera-LA

on camera scene study

Jamison Haase

Mack was raised in Oklahoma enlisted in the Navy after High School,during Vietnam. He trained and qualified as a Nuclear Reactor Operator but spent most of his service attached to the NIS (precursor to NCIS) He played football at North Western State in OK until an injury sidelined him. He then attended UT Austin and studied Nuclear Engineering. When not acting,he's an energy conservationist. Mack's married to a prominent Chef. Lives in Albuquerque and stays in shape with mountain marches and TRX training.

Physical Characteristics / Measurements

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 230 lbs

Computer Skills, Former Bus. Executive, Former Navy Cop, Former Pro Boxer, Horseback Riding, Nuclear Reactor Operat, Shooting SASS Member, Equestrian - Western, Military Serv Exp (Navy), Voiceover, American - Southern Accent, American - Texan Accent, Eastern European Accent, German Accent, Greek Accent, Irish Accent