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"Mayberry Man 2" (2023)

Strong Supporting: Larry

WindChaser Pictures (CA)

"Disciples In The Moonlight" (2023)

Strong Supporting: Officer Macleod

House of Grace Films (IN)

"Mayberry Man" (2021)

Strong Supporting: Larry

WindChaser Pictures (CA)

"Something To Report" (2019)

Lead: JT Skidmore, CEO

DLA Piper / VideoBred (UK/KY)

"Parental Support" (2019 - short)

Lead: Psychiatrist

BoomCrate (OH)

"Play The Flute" (2018)

Supporting: Pastor Michaels

Five&Two Pictures (TX)

"Reparation" (2015)

Supporting: Air Force Psychiatrist

Red Dirt Pictures (MD)

"The War Within" (2014)

Supporting: Michael Sinclair (dad)

House Of Grace Films (IN)

"Taste" (2013 - Short)

Lead: 1940's Broker

Helmsmen Productions (IN)

"Sound Of The Spirit" (2012)

Lead: Marty Margolis (dad)

Kingdom Pictures (IN)

"At What Cost?" (2011)

Supporting: Lawyer

VideoBred Productions (KY)


Becks - ButtDial: Corn Maze

Lead: Comedic Farmer

Internal (IN)

811 Dig

Lead: Comedic Construction Worker

Factory (IN)

Becks - ButtDial: Teacher Conference

Lead: Comedic Farmer

Internal (IN)

Atlas Butler: Earworm

Lead: Comedic Homeowner

Mills James (OH)


Lead: Comedic Husband

Yonts Films (IN)

IN Donor Network

Lead: Comedic Fan

Freije Brands (IN)

KY Lotto

Lead: Comedic Cashier

Framerite (KY)

Flooring N Beyond

Lead: Comedic Guy

BoomCrate (OH)

SafeLite Auto

Lead: Comedic Neighbor

PostHouse Creative (OH)

4Roses Bourbon

Lead: Dad

Road Pictures (KY)

Potawatomi Casino

Lead: Comedic Husband

CI Design (WI)

JMM - New Book Promo

Lead: guy

JMM Productions

IN Sec of State: Cyber Security

Host, VO

Factory (IN)


Lead: Old Guy

Real Art USA (OH)

Lima Memorial

Lead: Heart Patient

Hart Projects (OH)


Lead: Quirky Handyman (18 commercials)

Cornerstone (IN)

Fink's Jewelers (national ad)

Lead: Sleazy Salesman (humorous)

3rd Strand (NY)

FamilyLife: Weekend To Remember

Lead: Husband (humorous)

BlastMedia (IN)

Consumers Energy

Lead: Manager - Heat Recovery

QuestLine (OH)

Gatorade (national ad)

Principle: Pacers Coach

Hoffman Pictures (IL)

Franciscan Health

Principle: student

Road Pictures (IN)

Long John Silver's (national ads)

"Cod Guy" (5 commercials, national)

Marsh Branding (OH)

Endeavor Communications

Principle: Farmer

FME Studios (IN)

Onvi ProPhix

Lead: Dentist

Epipheo (OH)

Alliance Health Network (OK)

Lead (3 commercials, regional)

PPS Group (OH)


Lead: Farmer (5 ep.)

Midwest Studios (IN)

Indiana Tech

Lead: Professor

Asher Agency / Punch Films (IN

iAB Financial

Principle: Banker

Road Pictures (IN)

"The Herbert Brothers"

Recurring principle: Butcher (humorous)

Zig Zag Productions (NY)

ForeverMark / Rolex (national ad)

Principle: Dad

3rd Strand (NY)

Hoosier Lottery

Principle: Shopper (humorous)

Road Pictures (IN)

NewPage Corp

Lead: comedic guy (3 commercials)

Jeff Sciortino Photography (IL

Campbell-Hausfeld Tools

Lead: comedic guy

Herbert Brothers (IN)

Animal Planet: Fatal Attractions

Lead: animal caretaker

Oxford Scholar Films (London)

Frank's RedHot Sauce (national ad)

Principle: comedic guy

Herbert Brothers (IN)

Visit INDY: Guy's Getaway

Lead: dad

Z Rutledge Pictures (IN)

Rescue 911: Savannah's Call

Lead: dad

DuoCreative (JAPAN)


Dutch Boy Paint / Sherwin Williams

Print: National Ad Campaign

Britton Marketing (IN)


Lead: Infomercial Testimonial

Marcus Productions (FL)

Evernorth: Express Scripts

Lead: Lifestyle - National Ad Campaign

Internal (MO)


Principle: Social Media ads

Internal (OH)

Roche Diagnostics

Lead: Benefits Manager

Road Pictures (IN)

IN Sec of State: Poll Workers

Host: Online Training Videos

CarisDesign (IN)

Valvoline (national ad)

Print: Mechanic

Rob Culpepper (AL)

Glucerna (national ad)

Lead: Model

Thompson Creative (OH)

Honeywell Intelligrated

Trade Show InfoHost

Black Tent (OH)

Columbus Life Insights

Show Host: 55 episodes / 9 seasons

PPS Group (OH)

Balluff - Smart Light

Lead: Engineer (humorous)

Black Tent Productions (OH)


Lead: Plant Manager

BareFootProximity (OH)

3Rivers Credit Union

Lifestyle Print Shoot

TPetelle (IN)

Lennox (national ad)

Lifestyle print shoot

Kitestring (KY)

Hill-Rom (national ad)

Lead: Patient

Ingram Photography (IN)

Lenel Enterprise

Business print shoot - security guard

PowerCreate / Kitestring (KY)


Print shoot

Hirons (IN)

Cummins Engines

Host: training films

Scofield Films (IN)


Web: instructional videos

Midwest Films (OH)

Seco Tools

Host: international training videos

Black Tent Productions (OH)

Covance Laboratories

Internal training videos

SongBird Media (IN)


Internal training videos

Fat Dog Productions (MI)

Bryant Heating & Cooling

Host: infomercial / VO work

Punch Films (IN)

Roche Diagnostics: Accu-check

Print shoot

Tod Martens Photography (IN)

Ingersoll Rand Security

Infomercial / VO work

Road Pictures (IN)

Eli Lilly Pharmaceutical

Infomercials (3) - Doctor


RADIO / Voice-Over / IMPROV

National Wildfire Assoc

VO: 10-part Training Video

SofTek Solutions (DC)

Air Repair Pros

VO: commercials

McGuirk Studios (IN)

Home Bank: "Time"

VO: Narrator - commercial

Helmsmen Productions (IN)

"Radiant Radio"

Radio Show Host (bumpers, 3 years)

RBC Productions (IN)

ComedySportz - Improv

Performer / Levels 1-3 training

CSz @ Indianapolis, IN


VO commercial work

AireBorn Studios (IN) / home studio

Extensive Teleprompter experience

Ear-Prompter experience

Score music for film / commercial


Proficient: Percussionist & Keyboardist

Proficient: Firearms

Golfer: 8-handicap

Other significant projects / companies I've worked on: Tom Wood Jaguar, Visa - Super Bowl, OneAmerica, West Virginia Lottery, EasyWater Systems, Knology, Kentucky Powerball, H.H.Gregg,, TriMedX, GlobalLead, Delco-Remy, Navy Federal, Keystone Consulting, Zimmer Orthopedics. *Don't mind traveling - I've been to 49 states including AK and HA. Guess which one I haven't been to...

Physical Characteristics / Measurements

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 225 lbs

Film composer, Golfer, Percussionist, Pianist, Archery, Billiards/Pool Player, Bowling, Canoeing, Cycling, Fishing, Frisbee, Golf, Ping Pong, Sailing, Shooting - Revolver/Automatic, Shooting - Rifle, Shooting - Skeet/Trap, Softball, Swimming - ability - general, Volleyball, Weight Lifting, Bongos, Comedian, Drums, Ear Prompter, Firearms, Host, Improvisation, Licensed Driver, Organ, Piano, Singer, Teleprompter, Vocal Range: Baritone, Vocal Range: Bass, Voiceover, American - Southern Accent, American - Standard/General Accent