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  • Immigrant (Performance Video)  Quicktime

    An immigrant father who is struggling getting along with his adolescent son who is born in Canada. His son is not able to focus on studies because of his father military disciplined behavior and his immigrant father does not understand it.

  • The Agent (Performance Video)  Quicktime

    Romeo is an cartel agent who hires (carols) a driver who is in desperate need of money to smuggle illegal drugs across the provinces.

  • The Kidnapper (Performance Video)  Quicktime

    A kidnapper who has been given a contract to abduct a little girl Amy from her school. He is preparing a scheme for the abduction.

  • x girl friend (Performance Video)  Quicktime

    An x girl friend of carols who he once loved like a fool suddenly reappear to get back with Carlos hoping everything will workout fine.

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Physical Characteristics / Measurements

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 168 lbs

Eyes: Brown

Hair Color: Black

Hair Length: Spiky


Photographer, Aerobics, Archery, Badminton, Billiards/Pool Player, Boating - engine, Bowling, Boxing, Canoeing, Combat - Actual Service, Combat - Stage, Cricket, Cycling, Cycling - Mountain Biking, Cycling - Unicycle, Diving, Equestrian - Racing, Fencing, Fishing, Football, Frisbee, Gymnastics, Jockey, Jump Rope, Karate - Kenpo, Karate - Kung Fu, Karate - Shito-Ryu, Kick Boxing, Kickboxing, Martial Arts, Martial Arts - Aikido, Martial Arts - Hapkido, Martial Arts - Jiu-Jitsu, Martial Arts - Judo, Martial Arts - Jujutsu, Martial Arts - Katana, Martial Arts - Kendo, Martial Arts - Mixed, Martial Arts - Sumo, Martial Arts - Taekwondo, Martial Arts - Tai Chi, Military Serv Exp (Army), Military Serv Exp (Marines), Military Serv Exp (Navy), Motorcycle Riding - General, Ping Pong, Roller Skating, Running - General, Running - Long Distance, Running - Sprint, Scuba Diver, Scuba Diving, Shooting - Rifle, Shooting - Skeet/Trap, Skateboard - slalom, Skateboarding, Sky Diving, Snow Skiing - Downhill, Snow Skiing - General, Snowboarding, Soccer, Softball, Speed Skating - ice, Squash, Swimming - backstroke, Swimming - breast stroke, Swimming - butterfly, Swimming - Synchronized, Tennis, Trampoline, Water Skiing, Weight Lifting, Wrestling, Yoga, Bartender - Vegas Style Flair, Chef, Chef - Pastry, Chef - Sous, Comedian, Dance - Bhangara, Dance - Breakdance, Dance - Pole Dancing, Dance Cha Cha, Dance Hip Hop, Dance Line/Country, Dance Mambo, Dance Salsa, Dance Swing, Dancer, Diving, Drums, Juggler, Modeling, Stunts, Voiceover, Whistler, African Accent, Asian Accent, Asian - Chinese Accent, Australian Accent, Boston Accent, British - BBC English Accent, British - Geordie Accent, Canadian Accent, Creole Accent, East Indian Accent, Eastern European Accent, Filipino Accent, French Accent, Iraqi Accent, Jamaican Accent, Middle Eastern Accent, New York Accent, New Zealand Accent, Puerto Rican Accent, Quebecois Accent, South African Accent, Spanish Accent, West Indian Accent, Fluent French, Fluent French Canadian, Fluent Hindi, Fluent Latin, Fluent Punjabi, Fluent Spanish, Fluent Urdu