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Home on the Range

Supporting / Bill Jack Curry

Ken Spurgeon, Dir.

The Greg Ellis Show

Supporting / Uncle Earl Ellis

M. Legend Brown, Dir.

Singleton Blvd.

Supporting / Slack

Gary Martin, Dir.

A Man Called Jon

Supporting / Gerald Dickens

M. Legend Brown, Dir.


Supporting / Gus

Mike Norris, Dir


Supporting Lead / Seymour

Jeffrey Nicholson, Dir.

Devil's Deal

Lead / Matthew

Justin Mosley, Dir.

Steps of Faith

Supporting / Pastor Dwayne

M Legend Brown, Dir.


Supporting / Carl

Richard Linklater, Dir

No Country for Old Men

Supporting / Seymour

Coen Brothers, Dir

The Last Stand

Supporting / Sam

Kim Jee-Woon, Dir

The Altar Call: Pilot

Supporting / Hooch

Dig Monroe, Dir.

Mad Money

Supporting / Junior

Wayne Wang, Dir

The Mist

Co-Lead / Silas

Frank Darabont, Dir

Beyond the Blackboard

Supporting / Nelson

Jeff Bleckner, Dir.

Arthur, Autumn & a Violin (short)

Lead / John Arthur Lewis

M. Legend Brown, Dir.

Missionary Man

Supporting / Store Keeper

Dolph Lundgren, Dir.


Supporting Lead / Dan Williams

Yves Simoneau, Dir

Night Crawlers

Supporting / Malachai

Benjamin Wilbanks, Dir

Drop Dead Sexy

Supporting / Randolf

Michael Philip, Dir

A West Texas Children's Story

Supporting / Elderly Man

Screen Door Jesus


Kirk Davis, Dir

Beyond The Blackboard

Supporting / Nelson

Brad Isaacs, Dir.

The Eulogy (short)

Supporting / Arthur Stokes

Gary Tomchik, Dir.

Roy 'n' the Rev

Lead / Roy Blainsly

Mathew Greer, Dir.


Supporting / James

Dan Millican, Dir

Bells Of Innocence

Supporting / Pastor Bellows

Mike Norris, Dir.

The Wendell Baker Story

Supporting / Eugene

Andrew Wilson, Dir

The Process of Creative Deception

Supporting / Gretchel

Christopher Romero, Dir.

Tim Travel Show

Supporting / Dr. Googleplex

CEC Entertainment

Sixty Cups of Coffee

Supporting / Policeman

David Andrew Ward, Dir.

Shakespeare 2000

Supporting / Attorney General

Tri-Vector Pictures

A Time to Play

Supporting / Reverend Barnes

Randy Torno, Dir.

The Job

Supporting / The Musician

Mel Stewart. Dir.

Midsumemer (short)

Supporting / Egeus

James Kerwin, Dir.


godless Mini Series

Guest Star/Damon Hobbs

Scott Frank, Dir.

Queen Sugar


Kat Chandler, Dir.

Chase Ep. 118

Co-Star / Tipster

Dermott Downs, Dir.

Lone Star (pilot)

Co-Star / Maintenance Man

Marc Webb, Dir.

Friday Night Lights

Recurring Co-Star / Coach Deeks

Peter Berg, Dir.

Prison Break

Co-Star / Conductor

FOX, Peter O'Fallon, Dir.

Walker Texas Ranger

Co-Star / Pete Williams

Michael Preece, Dir

To Serve & Protect

Co-Star / Guard



List available upon request.


Artistic Director

Master Carpenter (stage/set construction

Light/Sound Tech

Conga Player

Horseback Riding (Western)

Physical Characteristics / Measurements

Height: 5'11"


Eyes: Brown

Hair Color: Black

Hair Length: Short


Equestrian - General, Equestrian - Western, Conga, African Accent