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Bill Tilghman & the Outlaws

Wolfgang Gulman (Supporting)

One-Eyed Horse Productions

The Driver

Ivan Andorski (Supporting)

CCL Productions

Early Retirement

Bernardo (Lead)

Golden Tiger Productions

Fear of Flying Flight School

Captain Ty Curt (Lead)

Zaney Zone Productions

The Fixer

William Lawson (Lead)

Lee Doll Film Productions

WNUF Halloween Special

Louis Berger (Supporting)

Midnight Crew Productions

Day of the Gun

Simon Doubleday (Supporting/Narrator)

One-Eyed Horse Productions


Fritz Gerhardt (Supporting)

CCL Productions


Senator Colin (Supporting)

Sequoia Films

Old Factory Fatigue

Glenn (Lead)

Sequoia Films

Stockholm Syndrome

Dr. Melznik (Supporting)

Stockholm Syndrome, LLC


Dean Cadmar (Supporting)

SRG Productions

The Weight of a Prayer

Storeowner Frank (Supporting)

CCL Productions


Texas Sheriff (Supporting)

Expressway Productions


Senator Colin (Principal)

Devin Hylton Productions

Melancholy Mark


Craig Herron Productions


Dr. Klein (Principal)

Four Fingered Films

Come Hell or High Water

Colonel John Cussons (Principal)

One-Eyed Horse LLC

Seeking Closure

UN Secretary General (Principal)

Kevin Tan Films


Sheriff Angel (Principal)

Eagle Films

Malice Metamorphosis

Sheriff Angel (Principal)

Eagle Films

Piyalir Password

Detective Mark Nader (Principal)

Guiding Light Films

The Devil's Playthings

Cardinal Menendez (Principal)

Four Fingered Films

The Color of Rain is Red

Victor the Villain (Principal)

Tim Scott Films

A Non-Local Arrangement

Panhandler (Supporting_

M-Cubed Films

Witch's Brew

Sgt. Walker (Principal)

Midnight Crew Studios

Senior Cut Day

Mayor (Principal)

Golden Tiger Productions

Witch's Brew

Sgt. Walker (Principal)

Midnight Crew Studios


Sheriff Jeff Lynch (Principal)

Time Warp Films


The Cussons Caper

John Cussons/Brian Jack Cussons (Leads)

One-Eyed Horse Productions LLC


Naked Cowboy's Father (Principal)


Happily Never After

Joe Dwyer (Lead)

Investigation Discovery Channe

As the World Turns

Sgt. Bruce McGill - (Principal)


Pretty Bad Girls - Sugar Daddy Issues

William Herkenrider (Lead)

Investigation Discovery Channe

Nightmare Next Door - #313

Marv (Principal)

Investigation Discovery Channe

Evil Twins - Mahon

Daddy Mahon (Principal)

Investigation Discovery Channe

American Monsters & Mysteries

Rick Gwinn (Supporting)

Investigation Discovery Channe

Wicked Attraction - The Calm Before the Storm

Tom Hawks - (Principal)

Investigation Discovery Channe

The Bureau - Murder By Mail

FBI Agent - (Principal)

Investigation Discovery Channe

Hunting the Anthrax Killer

FBI Agent - (Principal)

National Geographic TV

Second Chances

Host (Lead)

DMG Productions

Adventures of Louanna Lee - 3

The Fixer - (Principal)

Lee Doll Productions

FBI Criminal Pursuit

Captain Lancaster (Principal)

Investigation Discovery Channe

The Wire - The Dickinson Aspect

BBC TV Reporter


Law & Order Criminal Intent

Squadroom Detective

NBC/Universal Pictures



Diabetic Patient (Principal)

Zave Smith Productions

Tower Health

Heart Patient (Lead)

Cornerstone Pictures

American Red Cross

Husband of Stroke Victim (Supporting)

Out of the Blue Productions

CVS Commercial

Grandfather (Principal)

CVS Pharmacy


Thomas Edison (Lead)

Dummy Productions

The Actors' Hot Tub Series

Brian St. August (Co-star)

Les Bradley Productions

Coupon Bug

Albert Einstein (Co-star)

Dio Productions

Constellation Energy Golf Tourney

Uncle Charlie (Principal)

Rei Spinnocchio Prods.

Dragon Software Naturally Speaking

Grandfather - (Principal)

Shadowbox Pictures

Economic Laundry Solutions

Plant Manager (Lead)

Brian Piper Photography

Timothy Mering Legal Services

Injured Worker- (Principal)

Fox 45 - WBFF TV - Baltimore

International Red Cross

Testimonial - (Supporting)

Blue Rock Productions

Architectural Testing

Homeowner (Principal)

Coastal Video

Genesis Healthcare

Aquatic Therapy Patient - (Principal)

Haley Productions

Nestle 100 Grand

Game Show Host (Lead)

Needa Hit Prods.

Madmen Industrial

Company President - (Principal)



On-Camera Auditioning for Day-time Dramas

Mary Clay Boland

New York, NY

Master Class On-Camera Auditioning

Mary Clay Boland

New York, NY

Commercials & Industrials

Manuel Poblete

Washington, DC

Phrase Technique

Jaime Michaels

Hollywood, CA

Voice Over Techniques

Jaime Michaels

Hollywood, CA

Scene Study/Audition Workshop

Jaime Michaels

Hollywood, CA


Manuel Poblete

Washington, DC

Prime Time Dramas

Jaime Michaels

Hollywood, CA

Acting & Auditioning for Independent Films

Joe Ripple

Baltimore, MD

Teleprompter, voice overs, hosting, licensed driver for cars and motorcycles, former senior executive and management consultant; screen writer, guitarist, singer/songwriter; conversational in Spanish; 1st Dan Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do; photographer; creative voices; experienced in firing handguns and rifles; horseback riding Western style; German, E. Europe and American Southern accents; valid US Passport; standardized patient for Johns Hopkins Medical Institute, University of Maryland Hospital and Sitel.

Physical Characteristics / Measurements



Eyes: Hazel

Hair Color: Silver

Hair Length: Short


Baseball, Bowling, Equestrian - Reining, Football, Martial Arts, Motorcycle Riding - General, Shooting - Revolver/Automatic, Shooting - Rifle, Snow Skiing - General, Softball, Volleyball, Firearms, Guitar, Host, Modeling, Motorcyclist, Singer, Teleprompter, Voiceover, British - BBC English Accent, French Accent, German Accent, Italian Accent, Southern Accent, Fluent Spanish