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Film & T.V.

Sweet Land 2020

Guide (Lead)

The Industry Feature

Chloe 2017

Erica (Supporting)

Owen Cohen Short Film

Something Inside Is Broken 2016 (Rock Opera)

Lizzy Johnson (Lead)

On Native Ground Feature Film

Initiation 21 2016 (Feature Film)

Alexis Cole (Featured Role)

A Twisterr Productions

And Justice For All 2016

Sharron Smith (Plaintif)

Entertainment Studios

The Hidden Enemy 2013 (Documentary)

Sergeant Brown

CCHR Golden Era Productions

A Nightmare In The Daylight


CBS T.V. Movie

Jars Of Clay

Widow Ahoz (Featured Role)

WGM Poductions

Christmas Child

Native Woman

Impact Pictures


Sweet Land Opera 2019 & 2020

Guid (Lead)

The Industry Los Angeles, CA

Chili Lover 2018


Native Voices at the Autry

River of Blood 2018

Gradmother Spirits

Native Voices at the Autry

Something Inside Is Broken 2016 (Rock Opera)

Lizzy Johnson (Lead)

On Native Ground 2016 Tour

RAVE 2015

Rayah (Lead)

L.A. Theater Festival 2015

Dragula 2015 Rock Opera

Melissa Cola (Lead)

L.A. Theater Festival 2015

Horror American Style 2015

Lorraine Taylor (Lead)

L.A. Theater Festoval 2015

Here Comes The Bear 2015


L.A. Theater Festival 2015

Rez Sisters

Veronique St. Pierre (Lead)

NBC/Four Directions New York


Pearl (Principle)

AMDA Studio 1 New York

A Brand New York

Featured Singer

AMDA Studio 1 New York

Ramona Pageant 2012-2014

Ramona (Title role)

C.A. State Play

A Song Of Winter 2006-2011

Roberta & Ghosts (Lead)

American Indian Theater Co.

The Fearless Honkah Hunters 2010-2011

Dr. Rachel Elkhair (Lead)

American Indian Theater Co.

Rabbit Dances With Otter 2011

Jessie Boudreaux (Lead)

American Indian Theater Co.

Legends Of Our Fathers Nat. Tour

Storyteller & Singer (Featured)

Mahenwahdose Productions

The Trail Of Tears Drama

Anawake (Lead)

Cherokee Nation


Gallery: Trail Of Tears

Opening narration


AICM Cultural Center/Museum

Narration poster videos


Cherokee Tourism

Narration T.V. Radio & Web

Cherokee Nation

Tobacco Stops With Me

Narration T.V. Spot

State Campaign Commercial

Oniyah The Teller Of Tales-CD

Storyteller & Singer

Mahenwahdose Prod.

The Still Small Voice

The Voice

Student Film

Chickasaw Cultural Center

Narration T.V. Radio & Web

Chickasaw Nation


AMDA New York, N.Y.


Yew York, N.Y.

On Camera Advanced Acting

Film & Television Workshop

Tom Logan

The Buisness of Show Biz


Tom Logan

Voice & Speech

Barbara Adrian

New York, N.Y.

Private Vocal

Barbara McAlister

Jane Atherstone

Vocal range (F2-Bd7) low A2-g#6,g3. Belt range g#4-,F#5,g#5,BG5,C6,EG5. Falsetto & H/ Voice C5-E6,Bd6,EG5,F5, A5,Ed6. Upper Chest register C5-F#5. Private vocal and voice/speech coach. Recognized and archived performing artist by the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian Washington, D.C. Musical director and assistant artistic director for Mahenwahdose Productions and American Indian Theater Co since 1998. Directorial, technical and production resume available upon reques

Physical Characteristics / Measurements

Height: 5'5"

Weight: 145 lbs

Eyes: Brown

Hair Color: Brown

Hair Length: Shoulder Length


Drive a sissor lift, Hand drum, Native Amer. Dilalects, Native American Flute, Native Americane Dance, Sight read music, Stage combat, Storytelling, Equestrian - General, Jump Rope, Roller Skating, Swimming - ability - general, Yoga, Licensed Driver, Singer, Vocal Range: Mezzo Soprano, Vocal Style: Belt, Vocal Style: Legit, Voiceover, Wind Instrument, New York Accent