Résumé Print Résumé


Three Tall Women


Schaeberle Studio Theater

The Syringa Tree


Schaeberle Studio Theater

The Beggar's Opera

Diana Trapes

Schaeberle Studio Theater

A Girl's Guide to Chaos


Chateau Nuef Theater

Valentine's Day

Various Characters

Director, Dan McCormick

Much Ado About Nothing


Rockland Shakespeare Co.

Valentine's Day

Various Characters

Director, Dan McCormick

Nightmare NYC

Typhoid Sick Girl

Clemente Soto Velez

The Super Switcher


Erwin Maas



Erwin Maas

The Twelve

The Devil

Director, Neil Berg

TV/Film/New Media

Orange is the New Black

Shaving Inmate (Co-Star)

Lady Prison Productions

The Perfect Murder

Mindy (Co-Star)

Kaufman Films

Spread Queer Joy

Main Dancer

Queer Kid Stuff YouTube

Campaign Against Violence

Norwegian Speaker

Director, Daniel Ademinokan



Director, Annalisa Vozza

Web Series: Tamara Juana


Director, Tamara Ilizarova


Vogue International Photography Edition


Shot by Annika Forslund


Print Campaign Model

Marina Rinaldi for Milan Fashion Week 2015

Print Campaign Model

Shot by Amy Arbus


Monologue Method

Bobby Holder

Scene Study

Ruis Woertendyke

Acting for Film & TV

Jorge Cacheiro

Vocal & Opera

Barbara DeDeo

Staged Combat, Unarmed

Michael Chin

Phonetic Alphabet

Lester Shane

Voice & Movement

Erica Gould

Hip Hop & Modern Dance

Coupé Dance Studios

Dancehall Intensive

Broadway Dance Center

Special Skills Include but are Not Limited To: High Soprano, Conversational Norwegian Language, Accents (Norwegian, South African, British, Irish), Artistic Director & Acting Instructor (Kid's College), Assistant Producer for the 1st Irish Theatre Festival 2013, Chairwoman of the Associate Board of Directors for Origin Theatre Company, Great Cook & Baker, Expert Crafter, Lifetime Member of The Actor's Project, NYC, Lifetime Member of The Rockland Shakespeare Company. (SAG/AFTRA, AEA)

Physical Characteristics / Measurements

Height: 5'8"


Eyes: Green

Hair Color: Blonde

Hair Length: Long


Acting Instructor, Assistant Producer, Basketball, Boogie Boarding, Chairwoman, Discus, Dog Whisperer, Expert Crafter, Great With Kids, International Traveler, Interpretive Dance, Playwright, Shot Put, Tennis, White Water Rafting, Basketball, Combat - Stage, Cycling, Diving, Fishing, Frisbee, Jump Rope, Jump Rope - Double Dutch, Lifeguard, Rollerblading, Running - General, Running - Sprint, Skateboard - street, Swimming - ability - general, Swimming - backstroke, Swimming - breast stroke, Swimming - butterfly, Swimming - diving, Swimming - freestyle, Tennis, Track & Field, Trampoline, Volleyball, Yoga, Dance Ballroom, Dance Hip Hop, Dance Jazz, Dance Modern, Dancer, Diving, Improvisation, Licensed Driver, Modeling, Singer, Vocal Range: Mezzo Soprano, Vocal Range: Soprano, Vocal Style: Legit, Voiceover, Australian Accent, British - BBC English Accent, Irish Accent, New York Accent, Norwegian Accent, Scandinavian Accent, South African Accent, Southern Accent, Fluent Norwegian