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Bridal Veils 2015

Co-Star Joseph Brown

Indi-film Sundance


Walking Dead Season 6-9

Alexandrian Council member Kyle

Michael E. Satrazemis

International Television

Just For Laughs

Comic Talent

The Comedy Network


Comic Talent- Documentary

Shibuya, Shibuya-ku- Tokyo,


Waiting Up


American Heart Association

Electric Jukebox


Sheryl Crow Exec. Prod.

BC Powder



South Trust Bank

Principle/ Speaking

Dill Productions

University of Alabama at B,ham

Principle/ Speaking

Lynn Artz

Ala. Poultry & Egg Assoc.


Leo Ticheli Productions

Children's Trust Fund of Ala.


Leo Ticheli Productions

Stand-Up Comedy (Live)

The Contradiction

Main Attraction

Marvin Lee in Assoc. SONY Dist

Cajun Comedy Relief XXI

Comic Talent-Main Attraction

Jim Richard- Goodwill Inc.

Bellagio- Las Vegas

Comic Talent- Main Event

Nat. Ass. of Plastic Surgeons

Monte Carlo Resort & Casino

Comic Talent-Main Event

National Association of Rentor

Hard Rock Cafe- Las Vegas

Comic Talent- Main event

ABC Supply Co.

#1 Rated Stand-up Comedian- Milwaukee

Comic Talent-Vegas, Orlando, New Orleans March 2012

Cajun Comedy Relief 19

Featured Main Attraction

Jim Richard- Goodwill Inc.

New Faces of Comedy

Comic Talent

NY Underground Comedy Fest

International Stand-up Comedy (Live)

Great Canadian Laugh Off

U.S. Comic Talent 2007.08,09

Mark Breslin-Yuk Yuk Industrie

Funny Fest

U.S Comic Talent

Calgary, AB Canada

Military Show

Featured Comic Talent

MWR- Djibouti, Africa

Military Show

Featured Comic Talent

MWR- Saudi Arabia

Military Comedy Tour 11 cities

Featured Comic Talent

MWR- Tokyo Japan, Seoul Korea

Voice Over

Banner Keylime Pie

Voice of Father


WMJJ Magic 96.5 Morning Show

On-Air Personality

Capstar Broadcasting

WEMM Jammin' 105.9

On-Air Personality

Clear Channel Communications


Gulf Coast Comedy Challenge

Comedy Host

Gut Buster Comedy Room

Best of the Best Feature Fest

Comedy Host

Joke Factory Comedy Club

Campus Fest

Comedy Host

University of Alabama


Meisner 1-4

The Robert Mello Studio

Atlanta, Ga.

The Robert Mello Studio

Atlanta, Ga.

The Business of Show Business

Tom Logan

Los Angelas, Ca.

On Camera Commercial Acting

Tom Logan

Los Angelas, Ca.

On Camera Television & Film

Tom Logan

Los Angelas, Ca.

Training/Martial Arts



4.5 years

YuSabu Martial Arts

Black Belt/ Red Stripe

Alpharetta, Ga.

Chambliss Martial Arts

Red Belt

Johns Creek, Ga

Master Pius Tae Kwon Do

Red Belt White Stripe

Alpharetta, Ga.

The “ALL IN ONE MINORITY” Marvin Lee's unique look allows him to play several different types of ethnic roles such as Black, Creole, Latino and Middle Eastern. As a professional Stand-up comic turned actor Marvin Lee mixes various acting techniques and skills like Meisner, Strasberg,and Spolin’s and bolsters that with the skills you can only acquire as a true stand-up. His expressions and mannerisms allow him to show what words on a page will not. A director will NEVER have to ask Marvin Lee to “Give me more!

Physical Characteristics / Measurements

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 215 lbs

Eyes: Green

Hair Color: Brown

Hair Length: Short


Martial Arts - Taekwondo, Comedian, Licensed Driver, Modeling, Southern Accent