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Protestor (featured)

George Clooney/Paramount

Jesus Rides a Harley (short)

Priest (support)

Michael Boston/BlackCat69 Prod

Beachwood (short)

Bill Glass (lead)

Andy Gilles/Virgin Soil Pictur

Kazakh Business in America

Police Officer (support)

Zheniskhan Momyshev/Wear a Hat

Hardest Thing to Hold

Librarian (support)

Haider Rizvi/One Good Shot LLC

Scent of a Pokemon (short)

Pip Nitkins (lead)

Joe Maggiore/M Productions

Call Box (short)

Mozart the Serial Killer (lead)

Karim Arab/NYFAKA Films

Sh*t (short)

Jimmy Barrett (support)

Steve Ellis/Bearcat Prods

Odette (short)

Benno (lead)

Alexander Polunin/AP Prods

AMD (short)

Paul (lead)

Masaki Koike/MK Prods

Wall Wars (short)

Walden (lead)

Mark Mapes/MM Prods

The Radicalization of Jeff Boyd

Morton Brooks (support)

Uwe Schwarzwalder/KUSmagic Pro

Cult of the Vampire

DJ Reggie B/Rudy (support)

Andy MacKenzie/1066 Pictures

As Worlds Collide

Dr. Simon Rossfeld (support)

Andy MacKenzie/1066 Pictures

Carnies (short)

Earl (lead)

Tom Wozny/Red Horizon Films

Committed (short)

Ron MacDonald (lead)

Sally Kemper/Mander Prods

The Stairs (short)

Jeffrey Jackson (lead)

Jeremy Kasik/LAFSC Prods

Sentient (short)

Dr. Jeffrey Litner (co-lead)

The Vang Brothers/V Prods

Toronto (short)

Louie Barnes (support)

Matt Costa/It's a Whole Prods

Still And The Spot (short)

Still Slatousky (lead)

Avi Glick/USC Film Prods

Super (short)

Timid man (support)

Juel Taylor / USC Film Prods

Project Scandal (short)

Brian (lead)

Ulises Garcia/USC Film Prods

The Way (short)

David Kruntz (lead)

James Midgely/Daft Dog Prods


Cut (TV Series)

Kelly (Recurring) / NBC Saudi Arabia

Majal Art

Part Timers (Smosh TV series)

Gary (Guest Star)

Laura Murphy/Marlowe Prods

Magic Funhouse (TV Series)

Front Desk Candidate #1 (Co-Star)

Brandon Rogers/Super Powers LL

Laid (TV series)

Eric the Lawyer (Co-Star)

Leah Myette/See You Later Prod

The Spy Within (TV mini-series)

Harold (lead)

Michael Schwarcz/MS Prods

Caddies (pilot)

Irish Mike (Series Regular)

Ben Pankosky/PM Prods


Revolution in a Catsuit

Agent/Casting Director/BBC Exec/Chris

Michael P Edwards/MPE Prods

The Tension Experience: Ascension

BOS Member/OOA Elder

Darren Lynn Bousman/Tension LL

Fight Club

The Narrator

Martyn Davies/MD Prods

Barefoot In The Park

Paul Bratter

Emma Way/In the Park Prods

The Sopranos

Billy Leotardo

Drew Baker/Achilles Prods


Miles Raymond

Martyn Davies/MD Prods

Look Back In Anger

Cliff Lewis

Stefan McConnell/Value Prods

Mighty Aphrodite

Lenny Weinrib

John McCarthy/Tin Shed Theatre

Long Day's Journey Into Night

Jamie Tyrone

Uwe Schwarzwalder/Hap Prods


Glenn Cooper

Emma Way/Rumours Productions



Chris Forty/Splash Productions


iFit Vue (with Jillian Michaels)

Tracker Suit Man

Eric Watterson/iFit


Office Employee

Gary Freedman/Independent

HSBC Bank (Interactive video)

Office Salesmen

Adam Randall/Indy8

Carling Beer

Cockney Football Fan

Jason Lansing/Lansing Prods

Music Videos

My Nemesis (Artist: Five Finger Death Punch)

Abusive Alcoholic Father

Nick Peterson/NXTdream Films

Are U Having Fun? (Artist: Hoodie Allen)

Caricature Artist

Jackson Adams/Steel Wool Prods

Hide Away (Artist: Daya)

Dad Against Daughters Dating

Armen Soudji/Zap Prods

Runnin' (Artist: Bogan Via)


Dustin Mulstay/HTD Films

Power Trip (Artist: Alexandra Govere)

Abused Boyfriend

Scott Sandler/UnitedWon Prods

Dream Big (Artist: Susane Lee)

Woody Allen

Behn Fannin/Olsen Lee Prods


Without End

Paul Christian (lead)

Michael D Kennedy/MDK Prods



Newcomers Program

Coaches: Various BAFTA members

The Second City, LA

Improv classes

Coaches: Various

Hull Actors Studio, LA

Elia Kazan Stanislavski acting classes

Coaches: Dianne & Lorrie Hull

Brian Timoney Actors Studio, London

One Year Intensive acting course

Coaches: Brian Timoney

Julian is on BAFTA LA's prestigious Newcomers Program, which mentors and promotes some of the UK's best new talent to the US film & TV industries. Julian has recently starred in George Clooney's new movie, "Suburbicon"; a recurring role on NBC Saudi Arabia's new TV comedy "Cut"; Smosh TV's new comedy "Part Timers"; and "Saw" director Darren Bousman's highly innovative immersive theatre "The Tension Experience: Ascension", voted as one of the top three immersive theatre productions in the world.

Physical Characteristics / Measurements

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 150 lbs

Eyes: Grey

Hair Color: Auburn

Hair Length: Long


Motorcycle Racing, Bowling, Cricket, Kick Boxing, Kickboxing, Martial Arts, Motorcycle Riding - General, Shooting - Revolver/Automatic, Shooting - Rifle, Snow Skiing - General, Swimming - ability - general, Tennis, Yoga, Guitar, Guitar Bass, Motorcyclist, Voiceover, Australian Accent, British - BBC English Accent, British - Birmingham Accent, British - Cockney Accent, British - Geordie Accent, British - Scouse/Liverpool Accent, British - Yorkshire Accent, French Accent, German Accent, Irish Accent, Italian Accent, Jamaican Accent, New York Accent, Polish Accent, Russian Accent, Scandinavian Accent, Scottish Accent, South African Accent, Southern Accent, Texan Accent, Welsh Accent